Non germans of reddit, what’s the best thing about germany?

Non germans of reddit, what’s the best thing about germany?

What do you think?

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  1. Out of ALL the porn there is in the world, it seems like the Germans have a deep appreciation for granny porn. And I too appreciate that. Whenever I look up GILF on a tube site, there’s a 75% chance it’s German. The Oma in Germany love to fuck.

  2. I lived in Germany for a few years and, at least compared to Switzerland, they are way more helpful to foreigners. Learning the language, getting a job or education will be way easier in Germany because there are geniuenly good people out there to help.

  3. Their agricultural engineering skills. We use a custom built vine planter in the vineyards, and it comes from Germany. Wagner Plantzen-Technik GmbH if I’m not mistaken

  4. So many things, but my personal favorite is the beer, I have the Dunkel, I havent had a good Dunkel outside Germany

    Edit: The fact that al nouns are capitalised is a close second, for someone with OCD.

  5. Although I’m a child of Holocaust survivors and so have a visceral hatred for all things German, I will give Germany credit for taking responsibility for the Holocaust. Anti-Semitism is a serious crime in Germany and Holocaust denial is illegal. Germany has also been one of Israel’s most important trading partners – Germany provided Israel with many consumer goods during the years that Japan wouldn’t sell things in Israel due to Arab pressure. In the ‘70s, German-made cars, household appliances and clothes were commonplace in Israel.

  6. Those meals were you go to a German family’s house and they have a selection of fresh bread rolls and assortments of meats, cheeses and jams. To die for!!!

  7. Pfand! Where you get like 75c or 1 euro for bringing your bottles back. It’s helpful for the environment when they’re an incentive for people to do it

  8. I’m from the UK. The landscape and nature in Germany is astounding. The Food and culture too. I would love to tour round rural Germany doing lots of hiking, camping and eating!

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