Novak Djokovic’s visa was just canceled and he will be deported from Australia. Do you think this was fair or unfair? Why?

Novak Djokovic’s visa was just canceled and he will be deported from Australia. Do you think this was fair or unfair? Why?

What do you think?

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  1. As an Australian, I would like to rephrase your question to reflect the REAL issue here: Would it be fair on Australians who have endured some of the toughest Covid restrictions in the world, some of whom STILL can’t return home from overseas due to the rules this sporting ego broke, if his visa wasn’t cancelled?

    PS. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Djoker.

  2. I’ve hardly followed the story, but I really don’t care that much either way. The vast majority of people aren’t allowed to freely travel, even if it’s for work. Why should he be any different? Especially when the criticism seems to largely come from the crowd that also advocates for extremely strict immigration/visa laws.

  3. Fair.

    One way or another, his story can’t be trusted.

    Either he had covid in mid December and was running around meeting people and passing it around

    Or he didn’t have covid and therefore need to be vaccinated before entering Australia.

    He knew the rules and thought he could get around them. He failed. Next.

  4. Fair.

    He’s an anti-vaxx nutcase who thought his fame and fortune affords him more priviliges at the expense of the health and safety of others. He falsified documents. He lied. He’s a piece of shit and should be deported back in a crate with FRAGILE stamped in the side.

  5. It was entirely fair.

    The players association made an exemption for him but that doesn’t give him right to enter the country, only immigration can do that. He was made aware of the requirements for his visa to be legit, he didn’t meet these requirements, came anyway, had it cancelled, that cancellation was overturned as the border agents cocked up his treatment, this was all valid, and they cancelled it again under another law, so everything besides the border agents conduct was all legit and within the legal system.

    Not to mention that he either lied for his exemption to play by saying he had covid, or he was actually out in the public while contagious as per his instagram posts. So he either lied to get an exemption or he endangered others, children included.

  6. I’m not familiar with the intimate details but didn’t he lie to get into their country? I mean, if you’re a shitty guest, your host can kick you out.

    Don’t be a prick when you visit other nations, you are representing your country.

  7. He’s an arrogant prick who thought he could do what he liked, so I say tough cheese to him. Funny how the biggest pricks are too afraid to get a little prick in the arm for the sake of society.

  8. He showed that he cannot be trusted if he gets infected with the virus, adding false information on immigration form and he does not want to get vaccinated
    All these things would be enough for “normal” people to get sent home, so this seems fair, it’s a pandemic maybe don’t act stupid if you want to go to Australia…

  9. Fair. Antivax stuff aside, he straight up lied on his immigration form (about his prior travel)Anyone else caught doing that would not gain entry. That alone is enough.

    Willingly exposing hundreds of people to covid and the dodgy time line of the infection/PCR test are not as relevant to the visa, but are relevant to the fact he is clearly a gigantic asshole

    Edit to add that Australians are PISSED at what they see as special treatment of an arrogant douchebag who thinks he is above the rules. Many of them have not seen family in years and can’t get home. Him being at the open would likely cause a riot of sorts – the Minister can cancel on that alone “good order” grounds

  10. If he wasn’t an ultra privileged celebrity this wouldn’t even be a discussion. He tried to get around the rules that everyone else has to follow and now he’s paying for it. Personally I hope he never manages to get to 21 grand slams because of this foolishness.

  11. It is absolutely fair.

    Fact that many people could get home because of the restrictions that were in place during covid I don’t see why he should have been treated any differently.

    Then on top of that they are rules to enter a country how the fuck is it possible to get an exemption from the rules to play bloody tennis. If your travelling to a country for a vacation or play sport you shouldn’t be exempt from any rule or requirement of entry

  12. He is a liar, an asshole and a queue jumper … after saying that the Australian Government made the wrong decision. I am upset that they just didn’t lick their wounds and leave it alone! Typical reactionary Australian government!

  13. Fair.

    Border Security is literally a reality TV show in Australia.

    It would have been a travesty to treat him any differently than we see customs officers treating travellers from third world countries smuggling in lil snackies.

  14. Australian here. Melbourne dweller at that (the worst hit State). Absolutely fair. I have nothing against the bloke, honestly, but the law is the law. He admitted he lies on his VISA application. Respect the law of the country you are attending, or don’t come. Simple.

  15. I’m not interested in tennis much these days and there are multiple other controversies going on in my country so haven’t read into the story much to have an opinion.

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