Parents of Reddit, What do you suggest bringing to the hospital when you have a new baby? (Serious)

Parents of Reddit, What do you suggest bringing to the hospital when you have a new baby? (Serious)

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  1. My SIL recently complained that food was not always available when she wanted it, and food delivery was not always an option. She wished she had brought various types of food. Some for nausea, some for protein, and some for comfort.

  2. For the birth and a little after?

    Snacks (for the father. I’m talking breakfast bars type stuff)

    Music. It helps.

    Tens machine.

    Phone and charger.

    Baby clothes and hat.

    That’s off the top of my head. There are lists out there

  3. Toiletries, loose fitting comfortable clothes, blankets, snacks, drinks, formula, bottles.

    Hospitals will charge you insane amounts for the very basics, bring *everything* you can.

  4. I might not go crazy with cute baby clothes. You’re going to be tired, the baby is going to be adapting to living in the world. Onesies and little wrapping blankets were all we needed. Newborns like to be closely swaddled since it feels closer to being in the womb. Some hospitals in the United States provide more accoutrements than others – good idea to ask what they will have on hand, if that’s where you are. And yes to food. I had to leave to buy food and it’s a pain to get in and out of the maternity ward in some places.

  5. Car seat, clothes for baby and yourself. Pillow, blanket, snacks, phone and charger, laptop or device to play games or watch something, books, big ass pads…

  6. My daughter is twenty, so it’s been a long time. There are two things I remember.

    1) delivery wasn’t an option, but the hospital did let me go out and get pizza and bring it in to her. It can be a good long while without food.

    2) This is very much a YMMV thing, but I brought her her hair brush and makeup kit (on her request). She wanted to not look like she’d just been to war the next day.

  7. Multiple outfits for the baby, they’ll inevitably pee on the first one. Bring snacks for the dad, he may not get a chance at a proper meal until after the kid is out. Bring entertainment, portable video games, card games, a laptop or tablet with Netflix. My kids took 34 and 38 hours, so it could be a while. If your Insurance allows it, for the love of God and all that is holy, take the 2nd night. I know you feel like you’re in a fish bowl and want to be home, but I made that mistake the first time around. Comedy radio and podcasts really do help with pain management. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

  8. Here’s what we packed and we had everything we needed (we had a planned induction at 39 weeks, labour was 37 hours, vaginal delivery, no tear/stitches, we were discharged the same day as the birth).

    – A big as hell bag. My husband found it much easier to lug around one big as hell bag and a baby in a carrier than 50,000 different bags and bits of crap. Put separate bags inside.

    – Lots of underwear, different shapes/sizes/materials so you can figure out what is comfortable after the birth.

    – Maternity pads of all kinds – for your wounds, your vagina, your breasts – you could be leaking from fuck knows where.

    – Food. food food food food food. We made a big fruit salad, took some tins of fruit too, a big green salad too, sandwiches, drinks (ginger ale is good if you get a bit sicky), decaf tea bags and milk in a flask – it’ll be sods law that the ward will have run out just when you have a hankering for something. You can get healthier versions of pot noodle type things too.

    – Towels and blankets – obviously the hospital has these but it’s sometimes nice to have your own.

    – Long and short PJs and a hoody, fluffy socks, non-fluffy socks – you just don’t know if you’ll be hot or cold and which parts of you will feel what so get a range.

    – A few of your cutest baby outfits, a couple of nappies,

    – Eye mask, ear plugs, head band and hair bands/clips.

    – I took my back massager and it was a life saver – but if you’re having a c-section, I’m not sure how much use it’d be.

    – Wash kit (for all three of you) – shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, lip balm, tooth brush, tooth paste, moisturiser, nail file, etc. I can’t imagine anything more annoying than chapped lips or a scratchy nail with everything else going on.

    – A duo fan/heater – you just don’t know how hot/cold it will be. It might be freezing in November or the heating might be blasting like the Sahara. So, hedge your bets and take one. I gave birth on the hottest day of the year and I’m so glad I have a fan.

    – Tech and chargers – laptop, iPad, phones, and make sure you can keep them charged. If you burn a CD, I think most places let you listen to it whilst you’re having your c-section (my hospital advised we bring a burnt CD just in case, I went for Jack Johnson’s Inbetween Dreams but after the baby was born he’d only sleep to NWA Fuck Da Police or Kanye’s Golddiggas so I clearly wasn’t in tune with his taste). Download a bunch of films, podcasts, whatever you’re into and take your headphones.

    – Pillows – for you and your birth partner. Those chairs aren’t comfy and I know it’s all about you, but I swear you don’t want him grumpy or uncomfortable because he needs to be at his best to support you.

    – Maternity clothes – don’t bring your pre-pregnancy clothes, you’ll be swollen and just as big as you are now. Just bring your most comfortable pregnancy clothes.

    I can’t think of anything else but I’ll edit this and add on if I think of something. Good luck – you’ll be golden!

  9. Adult diapers.

    You bleed a lot post delivery and it can get messy. The hospital gave me these uncomfortable mesh padded underwear. It would only last a little before it felt gross and needed to be changed.

    For my second child we got some high quality adult diapers. It sounds ridiculous but those were amazing. I felt so much more comfortable.

  10. If you can, after the birth, run out and grab some daily newspapers and just put them in storage. Nice little keepsake for them to browse through when they are older.

  11. My mom told me to get some comfy pajamas to wear after the baby is born, which is good advice, except she convinced me to get warm flannel pajamas because ‘hospitals are always freezing’. One, you should be able to adjust the temperature in your room. Two, major hot flashes in the first day or so post partum. I was sweltering and kept cranking up the A/C and then I felt guilty for keeping it so cold with a newborn in the room. So my suggestion is, cool comfy pajamas and if you’re worried about being cold bring a sweater.

  12. May or may not apply but bring some clothes you don’t mind getting photographed in. There was a photographer at our hospital for both our kids’ births and they came by the second or third day offering to take professional pics of you and your newborn. We didn’t know the first time, so our first pictures were of me in a t-shirt and wife in her hospital gown. For the next kid, we were dressed a little nicer. Just a tip, take home everything you can from the hospital before going home (extra diapers, extra adult diapers, blankets, etc). We were told by the nurse that they don’t reuse the supplies from room to room so it’ll get thrown out if you don’t take them.

  13. If you’re a makeup person, bring a bit of cover up/lip balm and a set of clean clothes. It’ll be a nice last chance to change into new clothes and feel semi-refreshed for a long time coming.

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