Peeing in the shower: yay or nay? And what’s your reasoning behind your answer?

Peeing in the shower: yay or nay? And what’s your reasoning behind your answer?

What do you think?


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  1. At home, yay. Public shower, nay. It’s going to the same place (sewer) and it’s quickly diluted by the shower water. Since my feet are the last thing being cleaned anyway, it’s not going to effect them.

  2. The shower drain gets cleaned daily and is more sanitary to pee into than a toilet.

    I feel I should specify this would be different in a shower tub combo I prefer tiled standing showers with separate tub for just such reason.

  3. Yay but only a little. Don’t skip the toilet and just do the big pee in there.

    And it isn’t funny guys when you pee on her leg a little when sharing a shower. Haha gross

  4. I used to be yay until a month ago. Sometimes I would get in the shower before realizing I forgot to pee, and just pee in the shower because it was convenient. Now that I’m living in an apartment where the drains are small, and the water pressure is so insane that the water is consistently up to my ankles during my shower, I feel less ok with peeing in the shower.

  5. Nay. I read an article somewhere about an urologist which said you’ll condition yourself to pee when hearing water running. When you’re young it’s fine, but when you’ll older with less control on your bladder muscles, you’ll be have issues.

  6. Yes – stand over the drain and pee directly into it. Not just generally in the shower where the water can eventually drain out because that’s gross af. Then you’re already cleaning yourself and, no need to flush so you save water, and there’s no odour left behind anyway. Surely it’s the most efficient

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