People of Reddit, do you shower in the morning or at night, and why?

People of Reddit, do you shower in the morning or at night, and why?

What do you think?

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  1. Used to shower in the morning because it helped wake me up.

    Now I shower at night (more like afternoon), because I’m filthy when I got off work and I’m not staying that way any longer than necessary.

  2. I think mornings help more as I need it as part of my ritual to fully wake up. Plus I don’t really feel clean enough to be comfortable starting my day otherwise.

    When I shower in the evening (which I do if I’m particularly dirty or sweaty), I still feel the need to shower the next morning. My bed isn’t washed/changed every single day so I don’t feel clean after sleeping in one a whole night.

  3. I honestly don’t bother showering in the morning bc when ya work in construction work it’s just fuckin pointless. So I do it after the day ends as soon as I get home around 4:30pm.

  4. Usually the morning.

    I hate going to bed feeling sweaty though, and I sometimes go to the pool. So if I showered before bed I do a catwash in the morning, because showering too often isn’t good for your skin.

  5. No rule saying only 1 shower a day. It all depends on the days/nights activities. Sometimes a shower at night helps you sleep, sometimes a shower in the morning helps wake you up. This is a weird debate.

  6. Night, I like to sleep clean, not still covered in the days sweat and grime. Plus I heard it’s better for your skin, at night is when our body does most healing and stuff. Can’t heal right if your dirty.

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