People of reddit, how do you feel about your first kiss and the first person who kissed you ever?

People of reddit, how do you feel about your first kiss and the first person who kissed you ever?

What do you think?


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  1. First kiss was to the wonderful woman I am still married to (6 years now). Expecting our second child and in hindsight, it was just the beginning of what has been a rough, but lovely journey together thar I am excited to continue.

    For those who have never been kissed, especially those in their teens or early 20s, my first kiss want until I was 27, it that helps.

    I also saw a couple in our ward (congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) who got married in like their 70s, so you never know.

  2. Thought it was weird and awkward, did not see the appeal at the beginning, no fireworks and no explosions, something like skin on skin. Not arousing at all.
    But kept going and started liking it better each time

  3. I read on the forums that you should be assertive and take what you want and women will love you, so I pulled her head in with way too much force, like to the point where her head flew forward but her hair lagged behind. Kiss itself was alright I guess. I hope she’s doing well, she was nice enough, just boring to talk to.

  4. I was very shy so my first kiss was extremely quick. Would totally do it over again if I could. This was in middle school

    My next girlfriend (also in middle school) helped me a bit, my first kiss with her was much better.

  5. I was 8 and she was I wanna say 12 but probably 11. She was the daughter of a friend of my mother. We had met a couple other times before this occasion. While my mum and her mum were chatting, the daughter pulled me into her room and we started playing house. She was my first kiss, her name was Jessica, and for the next several hours we played house ans she introduced me to French kissing. I was absolutely blown away that something like this could exist, the sensation was fun and exciting because it was all new to me. She made me feel super happy, and comfortable but unfortunately made me wanting more. We never did a make out session like that ever again, she always teased me any other time I got a chance to go to her house

  6. I mean, I’m okay with it to be honest

    I’m not even really sure if it counts because I was five.

    From what I remember, I was staying at a different Kindergarten than normal for a week, I don’t remember why, and there was this brunette boy(yes that’s all I know) and we got planned on marrying and drew a picture of our wedding day(He didn’t like that I included a baby in my picture).

    Some time before or after drawing we got behind a tree and kissed, and that’s it.

    I don’t really associate that much with your first time doing anything to be honest, you’ll kiss different people thousands of times, and I feel like it would get progressively better.

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