People of Reddit, what are your thoughts regarding religion?

People of Reddit, what are your thoughts regarding religion?

What do you think?

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  1. Its can be a valuable moral system that can has some compelling reasons to believe in.

    I’m agnostic (or an athiest acording to some of you) because I personally don’t think their is sufficient evidence for thiesm, but I also don’t think theres sufficient evidence for athiesm.

  2. I don’t think it’s inherently a bad thing. Everyone suffers from the big question – why do we exist? and the feeling of wondering what the point of life is. For some people they can find some peace in a religious group, and it helps them find meaning in their life.

  3. I’m not religious but I think it’s fine for other people. Good for them for finding something they believe in that is so nonsensical. Majority of people that are religious are good people but everyone chooses to focus on the lunatics. There’s lunatics in any group. I don’t care what people believe in or do when it isn’t actively hurting anyone. They can have their beliefs and opinions just like I’m allowed mine.

  4. I think they’re all horseshit, so it’s not for me personally, but whoever wants or needs it – fine by me. Just don’t think others have to believe that stuff too.

  5. I think too many religious people are a prophetic dream and/or charismatic malignant narcissist away from believing that hunting down and executing gay people will get them into heaven.

    I can totally see a person who might have been “decent” and all about peace and love standing over me with a baseball bat saying “jesus loves you” before they bash my fucking brains in.

  6. religion is like a penis. It´s perfectly fine to have one as long as you don´t shove it in people faces. You can worship it, but please dont do so on the street.

    It´s fine to share, but only with consenting people.

  7. Considering its long and bloody history, it should be banned, in any and all forms. People are still being killed – daily – on this planet, in 2021, because they don’t believe in the right fairy tale.

    Humans should long since have evolved away from the need for a skydaddy, since we now have science to explain the weather and eclipses, etc.

  8. It’s humankinds worst invention. I have a very difficult time even remotely being friendly to people who are religious as it’s a mental illness. It’s 100% no different than if I told people that I fully believe that Santa Claus is real.

    The harm organized religion has done to the human race is astronomical, and it’s still a top reason on why things are so awful.

  9. I think that all non abrahamic religions are pretty good, very unique and fascinating, what I will also say is religion can be a unifying and sign of a culture. Religion has done some good as far as giving people hope, requiring unity, and preserving things.


  10. It can coexist peacefully with science, and does – but we only really focus on the conflicts. The contradictions and conflicts have a lot more to do with politics than anything else.

    If we want to understand religion as a human behaviour, the whys and the hows, then anthropology (social and evolutionary) is probably the best way. Not just saying its ‘wrong’. It’s an existing behavior that has evolved for some reason.

  11. At this point in my life it seems like a way to deal with the finality of death. I am agnostic and I just don’t feel like I could strongly believe a religion, but I am aware my life and circumstances could change that.

    Some people believe in preaching it to people at every available opportunity. It is understandable if you believe you are 100% right and that you are saving them, but if those same people just had a small inkling of the ‘each to their own premise’ they wouldn’t be preaching to someone who was grieving at a literal graveside (which I have seen myself personally)

  12. I believe it has 3 defining characteristics: law, explanations and meaning.

    Laws, specially in old scriptures like the old testament, gave out rules to keep a society down to a moral standard, but also regarding health, justice, etc.

    Explanations, maybe something mostly in the past, as to give out explanations to the events and properties of the universe. Something deeply tied to mythology.

    And meaning. Probably the one that people cherish the most. Religion could give you some philosophies and sermons that could make you feel part of a greater whole. Or, it could also bring you close to church and the religious community, giving this sense of belonging.

    All in all, faith is important. But not something someone needs to become a good and whole person.

  13. We (Americans) fucked up two concepts within one contradicting principle. Freedom of Religion, that is amazing and to ensure this we have the separation of Church and State. These two principles together would be iron tight, case closed, can’t challenge it.

    Enter James K. Polk and Thomas Jefferson. We complete the Louisiana Purchase, the British agree to the 49th parallel, we obtain the Mexico territories.

    Manifest Destiny now takes over, causing Freedom of Religion and Separation of Church and State to basically be ignored for the good of American Protestant Democracy.

    “the virtue of the American people and their institutions;”

    “the mission to spread these institutions, thereby redeeming and remaking the world in the image of the United States;”

    “the destiny under God to do this work.”

  14. I’m an atheist. I personally believe that there is no God and no afterlife. That is my belief and I don’t try to push it on anyone else.


    There are many people who have strong religious beliefs and they draw tremendous peace and comfort from these beliefs. I would never try to “convince” a religious person to reject their beliefs, I think that’s a horrible thing to do.


    The only time I have a problem with religious people is when they try to push it onto me, or think I’m a bad person because I don’t have a God to answer to and therefore must be some kind of deviant. I’m a decent person because that’s the right way to be, it has nothing to do with having a God to answer to.


    In terms of morality and people thinking they are morally superior to me because they are religious, I defer to Oscar Wilde who said “Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people whom we personally dislike!”


    Live and let live.

  15. Most humans seem to feel the need for some sort of Higher Power. Someone to seek guidance or intervention from when events feel out of their control. This starts off at day one for humans. We look to our parents for care and guidance.

    Anyone who has been in a management or supervisor position should know this. Subordinates will often ask questions to their supervisor, even though you are pretty sure they already know the answer but they just want reassurance.

    Religion can provide an outlet for that. You pray to your deity(s) of choice and have belief that this will help. Worst case scenario it gives you a bit of piece of mind, and nothing happens. Best case there is some intervention and your life is better.

    *(I am going to try to express my thoughts on this next part clearly, but I’m not the best at writing and it’s early)*

    People who don’t follow a religion can end up making a religion out of other institutions. As I said before, people like to have someone higher then them to ask questions of.

    When people start turning things like Government or Science into a religion it worries me more than your average deity worshipping person.

    A person who treats the State as a religion then turns to law makers to fix all their problems. Depending on the type of person, this can be a real problem. Think obnoxious Karen on an HOA board.

    You then end up with laws that take the concept of keeping you safe from yourself way too far. Like the sugary drink tax.

    People are still trying to shift responsibility away from themselves for their own actions, but have found a way the effects everyone else much more than praying to a deity about it.

    Science had also been turn into a religion by some. This presents the problem of them believe in the answer science has given them **without question**. It’s the without question part that concerns me. The scientific method says to questions all out comes. There should always been the option to return to the theory if new data or better ways measuring/collecting data come about.

    Not just reexamining the outcome, but looking at how their research was preformed. There is sadly a lot of bad science out their that gets passed off as scientific fact.

    And don’t gete wrong – I firmly think the scientific method is the best way to examine, measure, quantify and understand our universe and reality. But if someone thinks they have a new take or new information on something and wants to reexamine it that should be a good think. (Assuming they aren’t committing a crime against humanity or something completely morally wrong. Science without morals can been terrifying).

    Yes terrible things have been done by people in religions name. Terrible things have been done by people in the Name of LOTS causes. I don’t think is fair to only call religion out for that. Anything thing people turn to in am effort to off load their problems onto can be weaponized by an Authority figure and used to hurt another group. Easiest example is Nazi Germany, but a similar approach has been used by dictators the world round.

    In the end I am less concerned by your average person who follows a religion than one who does not, which used to not be the case for me. But I will take someone who tries to fix their problems through pray as opposed to legislating them away. They best answer is deal with our own problems, but that is a different topic all together.

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