People of reddit what ended your friendship with your best friend?

People of reddit what ended your friendship with your best friend?

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  1. I grew up and she didn’t.

    I was ready to move forward in my life, I had a good long-term relationship and was looking forward to getting married, starting a family, and all that but she was a single mom who just wanted to party all the time. I know people look at it and say I got old and she knows how to have a good time but being the way she is, it takes a toll on your physical and mental health after a few years. She hasn’t been in a good place for years.

  2. He pulled a gun on me once when we were hanging out. Things went from everyone having fun like normal to him telling me to leave and threatening me within seconds. I thought he was messing around until the gun came out. I never did figure out why he did that. Haven’t spoken to him in about 10 years now so I guess I never will figure it out.

  3. She was extremely manipulative. They were always in a bad mood and was very rude day by day. At the time I was at a low point in my life and was very vulnerable. They were the only person who talked to me and she knew, using this against me whenever I tried to call her out. One day I found out she was only friends with me to get a passing grade in classes and for me to always get stuff for her. Thankfully I have left behind that point and now have a supportive group of friends today but I am still hurt on how I was used.

  4. Upgraded our relationship, from best friends of 6 years to lovers. Realized I was gay and we broke up barely a year after. Lost my bestfriend and lover. I miss my friend.

  5. I was in a relationship with someone who my best friend assumed was a bad guy, but in reality he wasn’t. She tried to get me to hookup with someone else while I was with this man and I refused. She ended up outing my relationship to my mother and spread rumors about us. When I confronted her about it, she played dumb. I felt so betrayed I just never spoke to her again and now that guy and I are getting married and have a baby.

  6. Jail… He went to jail for a really dumb reason and wont return letters. Idk if it’s embarrassment or what but he doesn’t seem to want to be contacted.

  7. Both started banging heroin, told each other we either stop or don’t talk anymore. I stopped, I still run into time to time and I miss him, but fuck.

  8. His ego got way too much for me to put up with. Plus I knew I wasn’t going to forgive him for the damage he did to my place unless he paid me back or help fix the stuff. He almost went out of his way to do so little or be a more of pain than his worth.

  9. I’ve had friendships end but not best friends. Had a woman friend and our friendship went downhill after three or four years. As soon as the open relationship talks started. It ruined everything.

  10. Just made a post about this but she uses me as a therapist but when I try to vent to her, she gives me a few cliche words of support before turning the conversation back to her. It’s gotten to the point where we don’t talk unless she has a bad day and needs someone to talk to. She’ll take days or even a week to respond to a funny meme but then immediately start dumping on me about things going on on her life. I’ll invite her out to have fun and within a few hours, I’m being her life coach.

    Also, we just started to grow apart. She’s turned into her parents and her parents are the typical snobby surban people that are extremely judgemental.

  11. I’ve meet this friend on our first day at school ( age 3/4 ) but when I we where 16, I was expelled from our catholic school for a beef with a priest, and was at the begging of the social media era, so he never send me any messages and in my shame I never tried to keep in touch. Despite felling that I was forgotten and became a ghost in memory, I don’t blame him. Wherever we meet in any occasion or something, I feel the loneliness and sadness gnawing my heart of losing the first friend I’ve ever had and I wonder if he ever felt sad or was so easy to move on

  12. She was very pro-life, and shamed me for being pro choice and pro women, even though she had an abortion at 15 and it literally saved her life. I instantly cut ties with her. Dropped 10 years of friendship with one sentence. Never looked back.

  13. I (18F) confessed how I was feeling about him (18M). I didn’t have any prior experience in relationships and so my words weren’t clear enough for him to understand that I like him.

    He asked what I wanted to do about us and I thought it was a rejection done in a subtle way, so I just sent my goodbye letter and thanks.

    It’s been half a year since we last talked.

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