People of Reddit, what is a phrase you absolutely loathe?

People of Reddit, what is a phrase you absolutely loathe?

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  1. On Reddit, “underrated comment” and “beat me to it” and “came here to say that.”

    Which no doubt, is what I’ll get in response to this comment.

  2. A single word: “ask.” But, only when used as a noun. Don’t tell me what the client’s number-one ***ask*** is. Use an actual noun, like question, request, want, wish, or desire.

    There are plenty of nouns to sufficiently express the idea; we don’t need to press a verb into emergency noun service to fill some non-existent void in the English language.

  3. In Reddit: “as a”.

    I don’t care about who you are, nor you should care about who I am. Focus on what you want to say and I’ll judge it accordingly, not based on who you claim to be.

  4. Looking at specifically Reddit phrases:

    “I’m sorry this happened to you” (in those exact words). At best its “thoughts and prayers” for atheists. At worst it’s followed by “but …” and is a way of stepping over a story that is inconvenient for the point you were making.

    I have a couple more but mentioning those wouldn’t make me popular here.

  5. 100%.

    * *The tints on my car are 100% legal.* Can something be 75% legal meaning you pay 25% of the fine?
    * *It’s 100% the Audi driver’s fault.* What if it was only 99%? Does the other driver pay 1% of the damages?
    * *You’re 100% going to hell for that.* What happens if I’m only 90% going to hell, do I spend 10% of my time in heaven?

    Stop saying 100% if you can’t measure that thing as a percentage.

  6. “People just don’t want to work.” Usually said by a coworker who barely does anything remotely close to “work”, or a customer who voluntarily depends on government assistance.

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