People of Reddit, what is a random fact about you?

People of Reddit, what is a random fact about you?

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  1. I own 5 giant African snails that all have names begining with M or alternatively and more interestingly I can twist my hand 360° without moving my wrist

  2. I have synesthesia when I’m in the shower or in a very comfy environment whatever is on my mind translates into a perfectly balanced array of colors and shapes.

  3. I’m the only canadian to have ever won the Stage Show Competition at Twist and Shout Balloon Convention and the only french canadian to have ever won 1st place in small artistic sculpture at this convention.

  4. I have a weird wiring for my nervous system. If certain parts of my body are touched, I feel extreme sensations elsewhere.

    Like lightly caressing some like a spot on my elbow will give me intolerable sensations in my neck. I also feel pain rather strongly, light stuff that most people shrug off is not as easily done for me.

    And if say a limb or digit is cold and it gets squashed, lightly hits something hard. That pain is some of the worst I’ve ever felt.

  5. I was in the military and learned you don’t feel bad when you kill someone.. like you don’t think anything about it.. All the other people making a big deal of it and crying and all that’s just an act. What they’re expected to do..

    Now the sounds and the smell are kind of gross.. but the act itself? Nothing

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