People of Reddit, what was that “yup I’m fucked” moment?

People of Reddit, what was that “yup I’m fucked” moment?

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  1. A few years ago, the sig other asked if we had time to hang out with a friend for an hour or so on a random afternoon. No problem on my end, so we hang.
    When we arrived, I remembered this was the friend who was moving into a different apartment that did not allow dogs. I realized this right as her sweet little dachshund mix appeared before me, tail wagging, eyes huge with adoration.

    As the pooch curled up into my lap, I realized I had been duped into a meet and greet with the pup.

  2. Was never actually “fucked” but there is one story where I thought I was. I think it was 7/8th grade and my class had a community lunch in where we could cook a certain meal and have it for lunch. Our lunch for that day was Italian and my mom made chicken Parmesan for my class. After the lunch was over there was some chicken leftover and I took it home to have for dinner. As I was eating it I noticed it tasted weird and had a fatty texture. After eating half of it I looked down and realized it was raw!!!!! I looked at it and realized I was fucked. Good news was I didn’t get sick so I had nothing to worry about

  3. Some car merged at the wrong time on the freeway causing a chain reaction of people slamming on their brakes. I managed to stop in time. But I heard the sound of tires screeching too loud and quick behind me and in that two seconds before it happened I was like “Oh fuck” and a truck slammed into my cars rear end.

  4. Seeing the one employee that visibly hated me become my supervisor. I sat through about 3 months of harassment before walking.

    Pretty sure he only took the job to torture me

  5. I was changing the bulbs on some emergency exit lighting when the power went out to the entire building. Thousands in damages due to major manufacturing equipment suddenly stopping.

    Turns out the whole block was down and I had nothing to do with it, my god the relief.

  6. When I was 14 I was on my way home with my dad in his shitty car with questionable brakes.

    We were driving on back roads in the dark while it was raining. Went around a corner and my dad lost control of the car, completely spun it.

    As we were spinning I spotted headlights coming in the opposite direction down the road, straight towards us.

    I don’t quite know how I was so sure, because the whole incident probably took less than 5 seconds from start to finish and I only spotted the headlights for a fraction of a second while we were spinning but I distinctly remember thinking we were going to get taken out by the other car.

    Luckily enough, the car was further down the road than I thought in that split second, they saw us and slowed down.

    We ended up just doing a spin and the car stopped on the other side of the road, bounced off the kerb a bit but nothing major at all.

    We sat for a couple of seconds, then both just burst out laughing, but not a ‘ha-ha’ laugh, a ‘fucking hell that could’ve been worse’ laugh. Then drove home sheepishly.

  7. Years ago at one of my first jobs, I accidentally knocked over a massive (easily over 7 feet tall) pallet of hard liquor. If I had to guess, I probably destroyed somewhere around $10,000 worth of booze. I somehow managed to wreck nearly all of it.

    I was on my knees hyperventilating, babbling, etc. Looking back on it, I was probably having an anxiety attack. I was certain that I was going to get fired. My boss was clearly irate, but when he saw me freaking out I think he took pity on me. He just told me to be more careful and didn’t let me pull any pallets without being supervised for a while.

  8. They denied my Long Term Disability Insurance last week.

    In a bit of a pickle now. If I go back to work part time, I won’t make enough to live. If I go back to work full time, they take my medicaid away. I can’t afford marketplace insurance. I also don’t have time to work because I have to go to doctor appointments 4 days a week. Yay me.

  9. Was working on a moving job for an old polish couple, I had wrapped a very thin lightweight tall white shelf, once I was done I set it up on the wall

    Stupidly I left it standing upwards even after wrapping the bottom and top with bubble paper, obviously seconds after I looked away it fell on the wall corners to it’s right

    Left a small hole on both walls and scraped the dark green paint, the other mover and I didn’t say shit, we kept on working to “muffle” the sound and they never noticed

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