People of reddit who got their covid booster shots, how did the next 24hrs compare to the previous shot?

People of reddit who got their covid booster shots, how did the next 24hrs compare to the previous shot?

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  1. For me (29 y.o. M), I only had the symptom of arm pain that was easily relieved with some simple over-the-counter ibuprofen and Tylenol. I had some friends who experienced symptoms of common cold; runny nose, slightly feverish, and fatigue.

  2. Just got mine last night around 7:00PM. It is around 3PM. So 20 hours in and I have no side effects. I got Moderna for all three and the second shot wrecked me for a day. This time, nothing. Also, my wife got JJ the first time, and Moderna booster. All she has is a sore arm. I was googling this yesterday trying to see if I’d feel like shit today again.

  3. I got my flu vaccine and Covid booster (Pfizer) at the same and in the same arm. My arm was a little sore, nothing like after my 2nd shot- I was down for a day.

  4. I was kinda scared of the needle because ya know, it’s a needle and I haven’t had one in a while so I forgot how it was like.

    The second dose was easy I already knew it was practically painless due to last times dose so I wasn’t nervous anymore

    I get that your post was probably about just the side effects but I didn’t feel any besides a sore arm for a day or two. I know my brother got a bit of a cold for a day but that’s about it

  5. I had moderna in March.

    First shot: felt like I got punched by my brother for 2 days. No Sick feeling at all

    Second shot: no soreness but felt like I had a very mild flu for 12 hours. Lethargic, chills, slight fever, just wanted to lay in bed all day. Next morning I was 100% again

    Had my booster yesterday: soreness in my arm started after 3 hours. Have a lump on my shoulder at the injection site. Got the worst last night at about 6-8 hours in. This morning just mild soreness and no fluish symptoms.

    Good luck

  6. Got my booster a week and a half after I had a C section, so slightly run down anyway and only side effect was a mildly sore arm (barely noticeable).
    I had Pfizer for all three jabs.

  7. My immune system is shot so I expected a reaction. First shot was Johnson. A bit tired but I’m sick so.. who knows. Second was Moderna. My arm got a bit sore but I massaged regularly the day I got the shot plus did arm circles. So I had pretty close to no reaction.

  8. Sore arm is the only thing any of those shots gave me. It sucks because I was hoping that the republicans were right, that the shot would kill me since COVID did not.

  9. Got Pfizer all three times. got the booster 2 weeks ago. sore arm all three times with the last being the worst of the 3. I’m 58 and also got the flu vaccine at the same time as the booster. nothing a Tylenol couldn’t handle. hoping the increased soreness means increased immune response.

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