People of Reddit who had/have a cool or badass boss, what is that your boss did/does for you to see them that way?

People of Reddit who had/have a cool or badass boss, what is that your boss did/does for you to see them that way?

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  1. Cool/badass as a boss or as a person in general?

    I’ve had bosses I think are good people and enjoyable to be around, but suck at being a boss. Meaning they avoid conflict, don’t communicate well for business needs, don’t take responsibility, etc.

    Bosses I’ve enjoyed working for communicate what they need from you and how you’re doing. They offer help when you need it and are open to being asked for it. They ask for clarification instead of jumping to conclusions. They’re realistic when it comes to how much can be done in a day and that sometimes unforseen things may happen – and that’s ok. They support professional growth.

    I think it’s more about the environment a boss is able to create and maintain that makes them a badass.

    My boss doesn’t need to be my friend, but I need to have a certain level of trust in them, and vice versa.

  2. The coolest boss I had was a chef who was really funny and fair. In the kitchen there’s a tendency for chefs to not have much margin for error and be super serious so having one who let us makes mistakes as humans was cool. He’d take those moments to teach you how to do something more successfully without making it feel like you did something wrong.

  3. A marine making his mark after service by taking personal ownership and investment in the lives of others he mentored. It’s a risky emotional and mental bet on humanity that I personally can’t take a chance on purposefully.

  4. I’ve had two. They were funny, genuinely nice, and pretty laid-back. Though one of them ended up getting demoted and the other was fired. I guess that cool bosses sometimes lack efficiency…

  5. I got pulled into the office once by a manager, and she told me

    Look, I think you’re funny and a hard worker, but you can’t say certain things in front of other workers because I need some level of respect.

    Oh my gosh she was lovely. I could tease her for hours as long asi followed her guide. And she knew I would talk shit, but she made it clear where I was in the wrong.

    I dunno, I run my mouth a lot, but she manages (hur hur) to work with it, appreciate it to a degree, and set a boundary.

    As someone who runs their mouth a lot, I appreciated the boundary, and felt like I could have gone out for drinks with her, laughed and had a good time, then showed up the next day saying what do you need ma’am

  6. Way too many things to mention here but the first 3 things that come to mind: He has it in has contract that anyone that works for him flies 1st class. I’ve worked for him for over 20 years and I’ve never heard him raise his voice to anyone. Over those 20 years my salary has tripled despite the fact that I’ve never asked for a raise, I’ve never had to.

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