People of Reddit who recovered from Depression, how long did it take?

People of Reddit who recovered from Depression, how long did it take?

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  1. It’s not really something to be “cured”. I’ve managed to get out of some really difficult places, and I can get back to a place where I feel genuinely good for a long time, but something can trigger me and cause depressive thoughts to come back to the forefront. But the longer you go on, the easier it is to manage it. You spot the signs earlier on and get help sooner, and so (depending on the severity of the trigger) you spend less time in that dark place and it’s also hopefully not as depressive, if that makes sense.

  2. A few years. Improving my work and commute situation helped a lot..

    I did take mushrooms a couple time also, and it could be placebo, but I feel less stressed than I used to be

  3. Like 20 years. I’m 31.

    I had a break down at work and started harming myself in my car on lunch. Someone saw and reported it. I got put on forced medical leave and part of that was being mandated to see a therapist. That with antidepressants and a healthy dose of God helped me immensely.

  4. I would say I got relatively stable after a year. Lots of trial and error on meds and therapists. Some meds really screwed me up and some therapists really pissed me off.

    Lots of adjustments over the last 20 years, but I vividly recall that one day I was having a smoke break and realized I hadn’t once thought about killing myself and I actually didn’t feel like shit. It was glorious. I think I did a happy dance.

    Good luck.

  5. True depression is a medical condition which is managed, but not cured, by medication and talk therapy. If you begin a course of medication you can expect a month to three months for it to reach full efficacy.

  6. Years. What’s interesting is when I first realized something was wrong and went to a psych he put me on meds thinking I’d get over it in 6 mo. So maybe there are folks who get situational depression but I’m apparently not one of them. 😒

  7. It took about 7 years to actually get diagnosed with it, but since then, 5 years later, despite her leaving me, it’s a battle I’m winning everyday and it doesnt overpower me like it used to. I still find myself sad for different reasons from time to time like everyone does, but not my depression anymore

  8. I don’t really think of it as recovery in my case. I take medication daily and monthly therapy as maintenance. Mine is severe enough it’s considered a disability by my state (CA). The good news about that is that if it ever got bad enough I need to be in inpatient care again I can’t lose my job for the time I’m in care.

    Everyone is different.

  9. about 3 years, but my depression comes in weird intervals and can last from 2 days to 2 months. now that i’m on medication and i’ve surrounded myself with people that make me happy, i feel better.

  10. I was at my lowest at 16, it didn’t get worse but didn’t get better from 16 to 18, then I started to feel like I was very slooowly surging back up and at 21 I felt okay-ish, like not overly depressed like I was but not really happy either, it was still a major improvement.

    From 21 to 23 there were ups and downs but overall I started to feel good about myself again, I felt like I completely came out of it at 24.

    One moment where I felt “oh my fucking god, I’m getting better” was during quarantine where I was in almost complete isolation in a very tiny student dorm room for 10 weeks and I barely spoke nor see anyone. I didn’t fall apart during this period at all, it wasn’t fun but mostly boring and I just focused on work and watched a lot of movies, my friends and I were actually surprised I didn’t lose my shit.

    I have no plan nor big advices to give to anyone, the main things that helped me was moving out of my parents house which was fairly toxic, focusing hard on college and forcing myself to do stuff, even small things like cleaning up my place, it’s a step by step thing imo.

  11. I didn’t recover its always going to be lurking but I’m trying to do better. I’ve been dealing with it for 20 years 12 years without any help . Didn’t want to be seen as weak. It was pretty taboo back then

  12. I took LSD and during the trip recognized that I compounded multiple little things to create one bug overwhelming sense of insurmountable dread.

    I also learned to recognize that there are thoughts that are basically on ramps to the depression highway.

    It took me four years of acknowledging the thoughts as they happened and distracting myself (conditioning) by thinking about anything but that stream of thought. That was the first step.

    Next, compartmentalizing problems instead of clumping them all together.

    Is there anything I can do about it? Yes, then do it. No, then it’s out of your control and there is no point in letting it into your headspace.

    Additionally, if there is something that can be done about it, except there is nothing you can do about it right now, then don’t let it occupy headspace until then.

    4 years and daily suicidal depression was gone. It took a daily effort and it was to the point where I had to choose to be depressed. After awhile, I finally felt like I had did it completely. Not letting things you don’t have control over was huge.

    Also, realizing that nobody notices or cares was a huge thing. For example, the stupid thing you said, the accidentally falling in the mud, forgetting someone’s birthday, (add embarrassing or socially awkward moment here). Nobody notices and if they did, they don’t care. Now that is out of the way, you can live life with actual freedom from insecurities.

    Posture and walking with confidence can also change things fast for you. Don’t slouch. Be confident in your movements. Be deliberate in your actions.

    Declutter your surroundings. It’s the little shit that will drive you nuts and feel like you can’t even manage your basic living environment. Decluttering is huge.

  13. Have had depression in various forms almost for as long as I can remember. But It was worst from I was 14 to 17. And hit the lowest point when I was 16. I was told that I needed therapy by a parent who claimed to know exactly what was going on inside my head at all times. Much of it was all wrong, but I agreed that therapy was a good solution. And I just lucked out with a very good therapist. Most of it was over in 1-2 years. And I thought it was all gone from I was 18-19. But during the last few years (I am almost 34 now) I have gradually understood that it never went away completely.

  14. About 3 months the first time. I was 15. The depression was honestly caused by my adolescent lack of life experience.

    This last time (13 years later) it took 4 months and accidentally getting myself locked up in the “safe ward” of a hospital for 6 and a half hours to make me realize I was actually ok.

    Having depression for a known reason absolutely sucks, but having it for NO reason is literally the worst experience a conscious living person can go through.

    Whatever the reason or lack there of, I PROMISE you time heals everything.
    I have written suicide notes to my young children twice. I devised an extremely elaborate and fool proof way to make sure my wife would still get my insurance money. I have begged God aloud to make it stop.

    And it does… whether it’s God or not. You are worth so much. You are important. You matter.

  15. I suffered from mild depression for about 2-3 years and it escalated in 2020 due to a bad break up which destroyed me mentally.

    Towards the middle of 2020 I began to suffer from self harm, anxiety and would have 2 or 3 panic attacks a day where I just completely went into flight mode where I had to go take a walk or listen to music to calm down.

    After a year of counselling Im slowly getting myself back together and have been clean of self harm for 2 months.

  16. I have bipolar disorder, but you know, still a mood disorder, right? Anyway, I started showing symptoms at 14 and started medication soon after. Didn’t do talk therapy until 22 or so, just because the local therapists were shit, and it took me moving away to finally find a decent one. Despite the whole covid thing, this past year has been my best year, and while it creeps in on occasion, it feels like it’s mostly gone into remission. So, basically, approximately 20 years? Been quite the ride!

  17. To all ppl who are saying depression is incurable, i would disagree. However i would .ike to say if treated the best, it can be the devil we are taughta t the young age, the ting voice in ur head that tells u how bad things are going to be n u aint gonna be able to stop them. But i would like to think that by that time i would take it as a challenge instead of letting it bear me down

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