people of the UK, how did brexit influence your life?

people of the UK, how did brexit influence your life?

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  1. My parents moved to france and now can’t live there permanently, so they are back more often and i have to visit them more often

    EU friends have had a hard time mentally with the uncertainty of their residency status

  2. When purchasing from EU I now have to pay customs tax so many things are unnecessarily more expensive.
    I also work in Finland and had to get residency and bank accounts here, as well as rent a flat which makes it all unnecessarily more expensive for me. Not a single benefit except the false pride of being able to say the UK government is more independent, which is actually a scary idea. Now there is less right to data privacy, fewer food protection laws and the impact of energy and labour shortage is a bit worse.

  3. Not sure I qualify because I fucked off. We probably would have spent 6 months in the UK, 6 months in Spain but the withdrawal agreement made it completely necessary to act sooner. To become a Spanish resident under the Withdrawal Agreement, you needed to declare an income of €7K (more or less) but afterwards you need 25k a year.

    So now I have a better life, it’s not hugely cheaper despite all these “Bargain Brits in the Sun” programmes. But…. better healthcare, sunny weather (too sunny currently) , better environment, no yobs and a more relaxed way of life.

    I can’t imagine returning.

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