People who actually enjoy their job, what do you do for a living?

People who actually enjoy their job, what do you do for a living?

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  1. Software engineer. Wherever I fix something hard, or create something new and it works for the first time, it’s a huge dopamine rush. It’s like the satisfaction of figuring out a difficult jigsaw puzzle. Even after doing this for 12 years. Plus the pay is great, can’t complain.

  2. In summer I am travel office representative. I get sent abroad, given a flat and a car and I assist client of our travel office there. Absolutely love this job, I choose when I work so no dreadful 9-5 and make nice money selling local tours, also quite like the high responsibility I get. So many wonderful experiences I wouldn’t otherwise encounter.
    In winter I teach skiing, another way to get paid to do what I love, but summers are irreplaceable.

  3. I work at a museum designing exhibits, developing educational programming, doing research on artefacts and ongoing exhibit maintenance. The job is constantly changing and I have unlimited freedom.

    Edit: i came to this post late and had no idea my job was so interesting.

    P.S. Inside scope; museum people are mostly closet drunks who are amazingly fun at any party

  4. Printing machine operator for small to medium runs.

    I can listen to music and generally be in my own bubble while i can choose my own work load, it pays decently and i like to see a physical representation of how much work i have done, it makes me feel like I have done something.

  5. Freelance audio engineer. Work is sometimes easy, but most of the time filled with various challenges that change from day to day. Also I love working with sound it’s like my thing and being able to solve problems that no one else can see/understand makes me feel like a wizzard.

  6. I work at the pool and also the activities department for a gated community. It’s pretty much like parks and rec, really chill. Last night I worked a concert and I just hung out and listened to music besides 30 mins of checking people in.

  7. I’m a filmmaker, editor and producer primarily.

    I have near total control of my schedule and get to make fun and interesting media every week. I love it.

  8. I’m a manager at a gelato/coffee shop! Though customers can be a lot and rushes can be stressful, I work with a great crew and get to sample the new flavors my boss tests and makes each week. He will bust out from the back with a spoon full of a new flavor of gelato and say, “try this.” So I guess I’m also a taste tester!

  9. I’m middle-management for a TV/Digital network. I’ve worked in media most of my adult career (over 20 years). With the exception of 3 years when I worked at a cable network where I was pretty indifferent about the programming, I always enjoyed the content the companies I worked at put out so it was pretty enjoyable.

    I also working for a little while at a reseller of movie props. The pay was really low, but it was crazy being surrounded all day by movie history.

  10. I am security officer, I turn up to office, i play on laptop, i go home. I literally do nothing all day, because nothing here happens.

    I just chat with the nurses and eat snacks. I can’t wait until the cafe is back open though, full cooked meals for £2.50 each.

  11. I’m an in-house graphic designer. It’s really nice having the experience of working a typical career job (salary, benefits, 401k) while doing typically freelance work.

  12. I teach instrumental music in public school. A lot of teachers are constantly under stress and hate their lives, but I got super lucky. My co-teachers are friends whom I respect and trust, and all three of us have strong and consistent classroom management. And we get to create young musicians.

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