People who are in a long relationship, how are you maintaining it? and Do you ever get the feeling you just want to bail?

People who are in a long relationship, how are you maintaining it? and Do you ever get the feeling you just want to bail?

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  1. We just enjoy our regular day to day life, spending time with each other, sharing some hobbies and stuff.

    Never got the feeling I would like that to stop or escape that. Because our lifes feel complete with each other

  2. We talk about our problems and don’t act like it’s a competition about stuff. Teamworking life. I think it’s normal to wonder what ifs when things get hard, but nobody can avoid it. I think a good relationship can work through those things in healthy ways so you can both come away with a deeper respect and understanding because it feels good to be so close and grow too in a safe space being loved for who you are and who you will be. Plus my husband has the most gorgeous legs I’ve ever seen in my life which helps when he does my head in. 10 years and still going.

  3. We are doing okay, I think. We “communicate” to the best of our ability and put constant and mindful effort into that. Neither of us were taught these things so we try to practice patience with each other as we figure stuff out, but we always put the effort in.

    And oh yea, my life before this was freaking good, really freaking good. My SO comes with a lot of baggage, not just his which is honestly not a lot but the fact that he is and has been a single father for a long time. And his family is the worst. The absolute freaking worst people I have ever met. I have no idea how such an amazing and shining person that is my SO ever was a product of their horridness, but I am so thankful he is who he is and that makes the baggage and drama they create worth it in the end.

    It would be easier to not be involved with him but he is absolutely worth some deeply hellish crap and I will take the hits so he knows he isn’t alone in the nightmare anymore. He deserves the support more than I am worried about “peace.”

  4. We work as a team to get through and improve each other’s lives. Of course. Sometimes I want to bail and chase 23 year olds who wear thong bikinis.

  5. We talk often and address problems as they come up. It’s not designated maintenance work, just our default mode of functioning as a couple. I’ve never had the feeling of wanting to leave.

  6. We enjoy each others company. At least I do. We support each other when things get rough. And we try to fix issues.

    I never wanted to bail. Always just wanted to fix things as fast as possible.

  7. I don’t know how they’ve managed to put up with me and love me as they have for almost eight years. I used to be difficult and angry and stupid but somehow they still love me through it all. I just don’t understand. I don’t want to leave them.

  8. We take good care of each other, and try to take care of ourselves for each other’s benefit. We do things apart but we also have a lot of fun together, we’re silly together, we reminisce about the past and dream about the future together. No wanting to bail. The times when we’re most stressed out are when we most want to have more time together.

  9. He’s my best friend. I would do anything for him, and the thought of being with anyone else bores me to no end. Never considered bailing

  10. Rule Nr 1: Talk together

    Don’t quit cause of silly lil things…talk about it!

    I was 20, she 17…I am 36 now and she gave birth to our cute lil daughter 3 weeks ago!

  11. We’re chill, we spend time talking about stuff we both like and/or find interesting, we go on dates from time to time and we have a movie night once a week. We rarely argue but when we do we’re both honest and don’t hide anything and we both apologize. I have felt like I want to leave the relationship but I just gave myself some me time and everything was alright, I didn’t even tell him that I want to break things off I just took some time for myself and that was it.
    A relationship shouldn’t make you feel like you’re not a person without them, it’s supposed to make you feel safe and loved yet still be your own person even with them not around. Don’t rush things. Don’t overthink. Just be nice to each other, when you have a problem talk together and find a solution that would work for both of you. Be sure that taking and giving is balanced in the relationship. And most importantly fights and arguments are completely normal, just don’t make it turn into a bigger problem and stay collected

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