people who are upset by the rise in representation of minorities and lgbtq+ people in media, why?

people who are upset by the rise in representation of minorities and lgbtq+ people in media, why?

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  1. I only get annoyed when it’s artificial and forced. I don’t like having liberal politics forced by a feeding tube down my throat, no matter how progressive the intention may be. And they’re basically doing it to appease a bunch of screamy cry-bullies on Twitter that the silent majority deeply dislikes.

    For example, making white characters now Black, or making previously straight characters gay. Come on.

    Just write new stories that organically have diverse ranges of characters. And I say organically… a realistic story won’t have every other character being a sexual or racial minority. It is okay not to have perfect diversity in every story, but just tell a wide range of different stories that naturally cover different sets of characters.

  2. When it’s done naturally it’s fine but when it’s shoved into my face every 10 minutes that their only character trait is “gay” then it’s a bit insulting. A character that just so happens to be a gay is way better than a character who’s sole purpose is to be gay so they can sell to the gay audience. The “N” on netflix is a red flag for me, I know what cookie cutter progressive bullshit they’re going to aim for, nothing original and they’re reaching for minority wallets. As a minority I see it all the time in shows. I can’t believe people get paid crazy amounts of money to write such stupidly predictable scripts and characters.

  3. Supergirl on CW was such a cringe. It seemed it was being forced fed. And that scene when “No touching without consent” was said to an alien creature during a fight made me wanna puke. It just downplayed actual sexual assaults.

  4. It doesn’t “upset” me to see people of color or LGBT characters. I’m a POC myself.

    What upsets me is how “fake” it feels.

    The U.S. is 75% white. Black people make up 11% of the American population:

    But watching some of these new shows you’d think small towns in Nebraska are 60% POC. The first Spider Man movie was an example of that…even in NYC…what school is going to be THAT diverse? Even Polynesians were represented.

    Its also annoying when this forced push for “representation” bleeds into other stories that have nothing to do with American racial politics…like The Wheel of Time which cannot be enjoyed fully because of the ridiculous, near-constant intrusion of modern racial and gender sensibilities.

  5. Representation is excellent. I’m bored of white dudes. But I do think there’s a difference between inclusiveness and social supremacism. Inclusive people and organizations are good for the country. Supremacists use minorities as political pawns, it’s literally tokenism run amok. A LOT of people do not appear to be able to tell the difference between the two.

  6. >minorities

    Not even sure what this means except for “not white,” and usually it’s done for the sole purpose of sticking it to white people. I’m not a racist, so such racism doesn’t sit well with me.


    Are usually overly-represented and done so for political purposes. Attempted hyper-normalization of something is damaging to both the individual and the society.

  7. Let’s talk about flies, for example.

    Who am I to judge them for mating? But when they do it on my head – that’s quite annoying.

    The same with gay people. If they’d do it at their houses, without forcing their opinions on other people – then nobody would have cared. But they do it openly and want to be the center of attention. That’s why they’re worse than flies, because the latter only mate on my head sometimes and by the lack of understanding. Gays, on the other hand, are doing it while fully aware of their actions and consequences.

    Point is, I don’t mind gay people and I certainly don’t hate them. What I hate, however, is bold SJW and forcing various opinions on me (for example, making companies, filmmakers “diversify” their staff and cast).

  8. I’m not upset, I jest feel that we should be past this already. Making a fuss about sexuality and gender, I mean, why should we care about that? Just make a good STORY, and let the characters evolve their personalities as is natural for the story. Sometimes a hint is enough, we get it. A movie or series doesn’t need an lgbt+ kiss or relationship every single time. Just try to represent reality naturally.

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