People who blast bass so loud it shakes the car, why?

People who blast bass so loud it shakes the car, why?

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  1. They don’t know their car is rattling because they have no brain.

    If they had a brain they’d locate the rattle and put a little piece of foam in there. Bad acoustics and high volume is a deadly sin.

  2. My idiot son claim it keeps him awake and focused. He has ADHD, autism and a bad weed addiction. Sometimes just randomly zones out. Don’t even ask how many cars he has totaled by driving insanely fast.

  3. Im a different level of a**hole where I think my music is so good I want everyone to hear that. Bass has a heavier effect on the body than the treble’s eardrums, which happens to be mostly rap so yeah I bought 4 kicker 12’s

  4. Show off, bragging (in their mind it’s like Hey look at me hear the bass and my car engine.. it’s cool am cool you’re not, and they must do it infront of their others friends to increase their coolnes its like they’ve got the approve)

  5. TL:DR I use my subs to fill out the low end until I have the opportunity to feel the sound. Rare but cool when you can feel the power!

    Got a smoking deal of $100CAD for 2 12 inch subs and a 500 watt amp that puts out 600 watts.

    Subs stay low in the city and only fill out the low end most of the time and are basically off after 9pm.

    Only time they come alive is on road trips or long drives on main roads.

    EDIT: There are those who buy twin 1000 watt amps and 2 15 inch subs and play them loud af. I hear them at 3am and I feel them 3 cars behind in traffic. Those should stay at SPL competitions or detuned to only play casually in daily traffic.

  6. Hearing bass is good, feeling it is a whole different experience. If the rest of everything isn’t balanced though it ruins the experience.

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