People who create massive universes in their head complete with characters and backstory, What’s it like in there?

People who create massive universes in their head complete with characters and backstory, What’s it like in there?

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  1. Constant urge to write or draw or imagine scenario’s with them, and every time you find a nifty song or meme you just have to insert your characters in it, and fear that if you do publish those characters they’ll be met with backlash.

  2. Have you ever been in a situation where you have so many options to choose, that you end up not choosing any?
    That’s my brain trying to create my character’s lore

  3. Super weird version of our world where there’s multiple fictional nations (the most notable of which are two nations inhabited by a fictional Celtic group, one nation inhabited by a fictional Arab group, and one nation inhabited by a fictional Japonic group). History since around 9000 BCE is similar to ours. The modern world is also pretty similar —World Wars, Cold War, JFK’s assassination, Iraq-Iran, Rwandan genocide, 9/11. It’s only around the 2000s onwards that stuff gets different, mostly because that’s when everything in the current story takes place; notably, the Arab Spring happened in this world because I thought it would be relevant, but I ignored most other recent events because I thought they’d get in the way of the story and be too polarizing.

    It’s also about superheroes. Magic, weird science, all of the Marvel/DC tropes are in here. The main guy is a shameless Batman ripoff, and then I did kind of rip off other popular superheroes, but I think they’re unique enough. Pretty diverse; everyone has unique-ish powers or power sources. I’m proud of it. Not something I wanna publish but it’s helped me burn time since the 5th grade.

  4. I’ve pretty much completed a small map and story for a world where pokemon are real, and its not friendly. Not all pokemon are able to be your friend. Some are, like eevee’s and ratata’s, but something like a charizard or rhydon would just fuck you up. You would still able to train them but its not like throw a pokeball and they become your friend, you pretty much have to deal with it yourself or with other pokemon. Some people have better affinity to making friends with pokemon than others. I have spent like 7 years developing a story about how I got my pokemon and the journey afterwards.

  5. **Fucking horrible.** Thank LORD (and I mean it!) that I was able to quit it!
    Not my first time successfully quitting it, but hopefully my last without relapse…

  6. Very expansive, and I’m thankful I have it. It made hearing my own thoughts and opinions easier in an environment where people often decided everything for me. It let me actually create and do things myself. Made quite a bit of friends from it in school.

  7. ADHD. My mind will obsess over something until something else sparkly draws it. Anything addiction based is dangerous. Anything you can add “aholic” to after with I’ve more than dabbled in. Anything you can go to meetings for I’ve probably had my run ins with. Any low effort high-dopamine activity is enthralling. From gaming to collecting to higher effort hobbies like building.

    A narrative can be similarly consuming. A narrative needs to be flushed out to its fullest, including endless lines of dialog, often repeated and tweaked. A scenario generated can provide endless hours of entertainment, it will often be superseded by something else eventually, but in time my mind will come back to it and keep piling on to it. Sometimes they are original, sometimes they draw from real life or other established fiction, sometimes different narratives will blend into each other if they make sense in universe and logically.

    It’s mostly just a lot of needless activity. I practiced mindfulness for years and have gotten a little better at it, but at my age I don’t think it matters much anymore. Would probably be better to write them down.

  8. It’s like whole other realities! I zone out for hours thinking about them. Unfortunately I’m not as good making up my own universes. So, almost all my characters are either for some franchise or a universe my bestie made (and these ones don’t get much attention cuz they’re harder to create 🥲. Most of the time it’s a scenario or situation that helps me develop and feel for their personality, powers, etc. Recently I’ve been listening to music or watching scenes to insert them in or feel their vibe. I can really immerse myself into fiction so it’s like a second life that’s in my mind. This feeling to create and explore these character tends to overwhelm me, especially since I’m a writer. Pair that with having trouble extending works over a long periods of time, it can be quite frustrating. The same with wanting to draw my characters. I’m not an artist, and I don’t draw as much as I used to when I was younger because it takes so long to be able to draw properly. Most of the time, I just stick to imagining what they look like or doing something like Picrew instead. I could ramble on and on about this lol

  9. I have the urge to draw or write about it but then I remember I’m hella lazy and just let it ruminate in my head some more and tell myself I’ll do it later

  10. hehe we got:
    – detective who gets toxic over video games and also can repeatedly simulate the same 30 seconds in time, shes witty. her partner gets kicked in the balls a bunch to win a karate tournament because injuring opponent can disqualify you (based on a true story)
    – guy who likes to burn people with fire and also has a healing ability so he burns people and heals them to make them suffer. also he can make people come back to life and use peoples dead loved ones against them. wow that sounded like a villain but hes a good guy i swear
    – this person who kills their loved ones while they are dreaming to merge the dream world with reality
    – guy who shoots arrows: arrows can be loaded with someones soul, and upon impact it changes everything in a 1 m radius of the arrow to how the soul’s owner interprets it
    – some others i forgot
    its a buncha random stuff but i just like to imagine these guys when listening to some cool music.

  11. Its a better place then the world we live in and I can visit anywhere anytime without worry. Its also a great way to help me sleep. Sometimes I get so lost in my head that I’ll be doing something else, talking to someone else, yet my head is still going along in a weird story or image. Its fantastic and annoying all at once.

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