People who don’t believe in afterlife but also never had a existential crisis about the idea of death. How do you cope with knowing you’d cease to exist someday? [Serious]

People who don’t believe in afterlife but also never had a existential crisis about the idea of death. How do you cope with knowing you’d cease to exist someday? [Serious]

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  1. If I’ve ceased to exist, I won’t know it.

    Like shutting off a light, I just won’t be there anymore. Nothing to fear because nothing to feel.

  2. Remember what it was like before you were born? Same thing. No worries. Enjoy today, remember yesterday, and have some fun tomorrow. Cheers!

  3. Worry about what you say and do on earth with those around you. If you leave a favourable impression on those around you, you will continue to live on in their memories. This thought comforts me ans I hope it helps you out too

  4. Is ceasing to exist something you need to ‘cope’ with?

    Think about all of the things in your life that stress you out. Do *any* of them actually relate to *not* existing?

    Your job? Finances? Bills? Medical issues? Family trouble? School trouble?

    These are all existential problems, because they only concern people that exist. The non-existent don’t have to worry about paying their student loans off.

    Of course, you can argue the inverse. You can argue that the non-existent don’t get the happy things in life, and will never have happiness again. Which is true, not that it’d possibly bother anyone that didn’t exist.

    The only people that would be bothered by not existing are the people that have more good things to lose than bad. I just don’t happen to be one of those people.

  5. It’s just life. I try to do things I enjoy as much as possible, because I know I’m not gonna live forever. Especially since I’m not very healthy!

  6. Im fine with it. The process of dying can be scary and obviously I’m worried it might be a painful end.

    But being dead and not existing isn’t anything to worry about. I just think what it was like a year before I was born. It was nothing. It didn’t hurt, I didn’t know about it and therefore it’s not something I am scared about at all.

    Like a computer that has the power switched off. It doesn’t know it. One minute it’s on the next it’s off

  7. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Brain activity is electro-chemical in nature, i.e, energy. That energy must go somewhere after we die. Where it goes? Don’t know. For me, at least, this makes more sense, and is more comforting than an afterlife.

  8. There’s no mystery about the life cycle of humans. Why bother worrying about it? Your beat approach is to PREPARE for it, rather than worry about it. Save money for retirement, create a will, make sure you raise your kids to be self sufficient, that sort of thing.

  9. Imagine your arm as a timeline of the history of Earth. The big bang is at your shoulder. Prehistoric plants start somewhere around your wrist. Take a nail file and just brush it against your middle fingernail. You just wiped out all of human history. On that grand of a scale, me ceasing to exist is the tiniest thing.

  10. Assuming you’re religious, you’re afterlife came to being because you believe that when you die, you’ll remain conscious in some way. So it’s beat to imagine that it’ll be a good existence after death (heaven). But for those of us who don’t, we don’t think there will be a conscious after death. It’s just nothing. Like that time between falling asleep and waking up. It’s just nothing. You’re not aware of your own existence.

    For me, the only scary thing about death is the period of time before. If I die peacefully in my sleep, then awesome. But I’m afraid of being in pain or unable to take care of myself until I die.

  11. When I was a teenager my best friend committed suicide and it broke me. I found him and I couldn’t cope with that. Over a year later my other friend died. Car accident, he fought in a hospital for a few days. During that year that other friend helped me alot and was with me all the time. I thought I’ll just kill myself, still young and all alone. Well sometning clicked in my head. Sure I was grieving but around that time I realised that life really is short and I don’t care about any norms. I suppose I was in such a dark place I decided there isn’t nothing worse so the only thing I can do is to go up. So I did. I realised that I can literally die right now because of some accident so I have to live full life… and because of that I don’t have time to fantasise about some heaven or hell after it. Honestly I don’t care, I gotta live my full life and appreciate the time I had with my friends. I prefer not to believe in anything that belive that some stupid guy in heaven took my two teenage friends on purpose and left me traumatised for a few years

  12. Well, I look at it the following way:
    Things that happen during life that’s what’s important. I would rather focus on those. Fact that you can experience thing (good and bad) is pretty awesome by itself. I know that I won’t get another chance/experience like this. So try to figure on the good stuff (you know better what is good for you. Games, movies, alpinism… Whatever).
    Death is like before I was born. I will miss the infinity after me, but as one famous YouTube video said: “close your eyes, count to one. That’s how long infinity feels”. I believe it was from Kurzsgesagt.

  13. I do Brazilian Jiujitsu and got put to sleep for the first time recently. I didn’t know I was out until my partner woke me up. If death is like that then I won’t know it and so it won’t matter.

  14. The way I see it, I won’t know I’m dead because I’ll be dead, if that makes sense.
    I don’t believe there’s anything after death, and I know that there’s so many factors in this world beyond my control that could lead to my death, so I’ve mostly just made peace with the idea and decided to try and make the most of every day.

  15. I welcome it. Hopefully, that moment will come long before I am too frail to look after myself.

    It’s not ‘don’t believe in the afterlife’. There is NO afterlife.

    Why would we be different from other mammals? Oh, they evolved just like we did, but for some strange reason, they don’t get an afterlife?

    Mice decay when they die. Dogs decay when they die. Horses decay when they die. Humans decay when they die.

    That’s what happens, and we know that’s what happens because we can actually see it happen with our own eyes.

  16. Easy, I’m going to live forever. Obviously.

    But just in case I don’t, I guess the idea of me being dead only bothers me because I know there are people in my life that might be ruined by it. Other than that, being dead sounds fine, I won’t exist so I won’t be able to care.

  17. I just don’t think about it and try to live a life with purpose

    So to me, that means taking care of my family and friends, learning new skills and building cook stuff. Trying to excel professionally and financially. Basically living a balanced life where you get to care for others and grow…

    As for dying. I just hope I have a quick easy death when I’m quite old. I’ve had to care for a few terminal family members now. And the process of dying a slow painful death scares me a lot more than just being dead / not existing.

    Everyone dies eventually. It’s just a part of life

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