People who don’t mind the level of income inequality in USA, why are you ok with it?

People who don’t mind the level of income inequality in USA, why are you ok with it?

What do you think?

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  1. I’d rather have a stronger social state where low income still gives you a decent life, so more taxes and going towards social benefits like universal Healthcare

    There are different reasons for income inequality and its not something you can directly fix in an open market

  2. Just because the gap is growing doesn’t mean the poor are getting poorer, and why shouldn’t people with rare skills or people who take risks be rewarded?

  3. I’ve worked my way up and now have a job I’ll retire from.

    I’d love to see income and sales tax greatly reduced though. That way people can keep more of their money.

  4. Getting paid more is what inspires people to study and work harder and to come up with good ideas. It’s also a supply and demand issue

  5. Fighting over inequality that comes from system based on scarcity is rather waste of time. You may take everything from wealthy but given enough time passes a new group of wealthy will rise. That is just how this system works. So what is the point of fighting against natural course of the system? Sounds like activity for someone who hates their valuable time on this planet.

    Equality can only come from a system that is based on abundance. Last I checked humanity hasn’t reached that point yet. Closest idea humanity has to reach abundance is fusion energy. Get that and the door is wide open. Old ways will die and a new era begins. Just like industrial revolution brought current era, so will fusion bring a new era.

    So if you care so much about “equality” then go study nuclear physics and build a fully functioning fusion reactor. Up to you.

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