People who don’t only stare at screens in their spare time, how do you spend your free time?

People who don’t only stare at screens in their spare time, how do you spend your free time?

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  1. If I’m not being lazy, go to the beach, go to the park and kick a ball. Just try and get outside. Used be clubbing but covid had to happen just as I turn 18 🙄

  2. I have a cookbook collection, and I spend a lot of time flipping through it. I also enjoy housework, thrift-shopping, and playing games like solitaire.

  3. Dogs get walked early morning. I ruck (hike with a weighted backpack) so this is a good start to the day. I’ve lifted weight’s for 40+ years. I have a home gym in a shipping container. I have a workshop. Woodworking and metal work. All hobby level, but it saves me a small fortune making my own stuff.

  4. I have a postcard collection and do Postcrossing. I have about 400 cards from 48 countries. My collections are foreign humor and “how I met my spouse” stories. The Germans like to send me dirty jokes. I write about 4-5 postcards per week.

  5. Fishing. Woodwork. Gardening. kayaking (so I can go fishing more) drinking. Metal detecting and magnet salvaging. Sometimes I talk to my girlfriend…. just sometimes though

    I used to do archery and rifle shooting but I haven’t for years now. I also used to draw and do art but I haven’t done much of that lately either.

  6. Working out, dog walking, reading, writing, fiddling with Dungeons & Dragons stuff, doodle-carving on wood & stone, and in the fall & winter I spend about an hour every night following a massive flock of crows as they fly into town & mapping their flight path.

    Note cleaning isn’t anywhere in that list – my apartment is a wreck.

  7. Unfortunately I spend all my spare time on my screen… Actually there isn’t a moment where im not staring at my screen(to get work done I need to stare at my laptop) and other then that im on reddit

  8. Playing with covid data. Trying to predict when will the next wave hit or if there is a wave in some country I’ll try to predict how much more cases will they have the next day and when will they come down. I’m just a high school kid, but so far I have been accurate 60% of the time

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