People who grew up with strict parents, what’s the dumbest rule you had to live with?

People who grew up with strict parents, what’s the dumbest rule you had to live with?

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  1. Was never allowed to date or go to dances. Sure has turned out well attempting to date as an adult without having that time in school to make mistakes and learn how to date along with everyone else – I always feel at least a decade behind everyone else my age.

    The best part is when your parents start pestering you about marriage and grandchildren – maybe let me figure out how to get dates consistently and form actual relationships before we start begging for grandchildren?

  2. 2 days notice ahead of time for any friends that would be visiting.

    Thats even if they are just stopping by to pick something up…. You can imagine how hard that was on my social life; seeing as im now on reddit

  3. Rotating curfew types so none of them were overused.

    Today is the homework curfew, no going out until its all done AND checked (extra time wasted)

    Oh, no homework today? well dinner is at 4pm and you cant go out after dinner.

    and today is the darkness curfew, which is around 4pm, not sunset or actual darkness, just when sunset is kinda starting. Worse during winter months.

    And today is mom’s workout class, you have to stay late at school or get taken along, and no you cant be dropped at home even if its on the way.

    NO you cant go out if you take the bus and get home alone, you have to stay there because nobody else is home yet.

    whats that, no homework? well I’ve suddenly decided you need to read more, you are staying in.

    … yeah Mom was a super control freak for no reason.

  4. We couldn’t drink soda out of the can in public because only “common people” did that. I never understood it as a kid, I’m still not 100% sure why my Mum had this rule even as an adult but I think it’s perhaps to do with people drinking alcohol outside. I asked her as an adult and her response was “Well it *is* common looking” so I dunno!

  5. * Pray 5 times a day, takes at least 1 hour every day.
    * Starve for a month, cause why not.
    * Give 2.5% of your money, like government doesn’t take enough.

  6. Was never allowed to watch Star Wars or Lego or Pokémon because it was for “boys”, but was forced to watch Star Trek because it was his favourite

  7. I wasn’t allowed to hang out with anyone who’s parents smoked cigarettes because they thought I would start smoking them if I did. This was particularly problematic because we lived in a shitty part of town so basically everyone smoked something, my parents included.

  8. Not allowed to date: Black people, Hispanics. My mom keeps telling me that if my brothers brought home a black gf and got her pregnant, she would put tansy in her drink so the baby would miscarrie

  9. “No watching wrestling, becuase it will make you gay.”

    “I’ve put a bike lock on the fridge. no midnight snacks for anyone.”

    “Read one book everyday. if you cannot, you’ll write sentences.”

    “I’m annoyed at the world. get off the video games and go outside.”

    “No metal or classic rock because the devil will influence you.”

    “No Trading Cards Because the Devil created it.”

    “No UFC because it’s too violent.”

    Basically, my dad made the rules and they were outright pathetic as i reflect back on it. that was only because he was an asshole, and everything he did was hypocritical. he told us never to smoke pot, come a few years later we walk in and see him completely stoned, eating smarties and watching jackass. good thing i was considered a rebel in his eyes because i would’ve hated being a tool.

  10. Now this is my friend’s story,
    before the age of 18 they were not allowed to:
    have keys
    sit on the driver seat when their father asked them to turn on the car
    leave the house unless in a group (other siblings)
    I couldn’t see him after school so yea
    But, when they’re 18..
    Keys, brand new car, you can choose where u want to live, most of them went to Canada and still there

  11. That every month we would have to play the family game where we would turn out all the lights in the house and play “who’s in my mouth”.

  12. We lived in a shoebox in the middle of the road. Every morning we’d wake up at 10 o’clock at night, half an hour before we went to bed. We’d lick the road clean with our tongues for a spoonful of gruel, then we’d get home and dad would kill us with a broken bottle and dance around on our graves.

  13. * I was only allowed 1 shower a week and it had to be fast
    * No flushing the toilet if it’s only pee

    Tried to save money at any cost. I’m happy I can shower whenever I want to now!!

  14. Dad had OCD so every time we left the house we would have to wait by the door and not make a sound so he could check every door and window to make sure it was locked along with every room and closet to make sure no one was hiding in the house.

  15. Not me, but a friend of my sister’s, around 1966. Her mother would not allow her to wear slacks that zipped up the front — only on the side. Don’t ask me why.

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