People who had rodents as pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters etc.), how did it meet its terribly traumatic and random death?

People who had rodents as pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters etc.), how did it meet its terribly traumatic and random death?

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  1. My boss had a hamster that gave birth

    And it made a nest in the sawdust underneath it’s wheel. Well the mum then went onto the wheel for a little jog and literally tore the poor babies underneath to shreds.

  2. Had a couple over with their two children. The 7-ish year old girl snuck off into the room with our rabbits. She made a game out of picking the one up and dropping it over and over. Seemed to think the rabbit didn’t mind since it wasn’t running away. She had broken its back, that’s why it wasn’t running away. Had to have it euthanized. Will never again forget that not all children are as careful and kind with animals as mine are.

  3. I had a rabbit. I was holding it, and somehow (to this day I don’t know how) I snapped it’s neck. One minute it was fine, the next its head was lolling around.

  4. I had a chinchilla as a kid. I come back from vacation to my mom telling me that she “got sick and died quickly”.

    She’s said the same thing about my hermit crabs and my dog. I took way too long to catch on that she was lying.

  5. Our hamster died over night and my wife asked me to bury it while the kids were at school. Instead I put the ball python inthe cage to eat it and forgot about it. Well my wife didn’t tell the kids the hamster died and I forgot to take the snake out of the cage…lots of screaming after school.

  6. I once had a hamster that chewed a bar loose from the side of its cage and… somehow skewered itself on it, straight through the ass.

    My rats have yet to do something dumb like that.

  7. Rabbits are lagomorphs, not rodents.

    But my pet rat lived to a fairly old age, then developed a tumor. When it got to the point of interfering with her comfort, I said goodbye and mom brought Ms. Rat to the vet to be euthanized. As an adult I found out that the vet had excitedly said the tumor was operable … however we definitely did not have “get your elderly pet rat surgery” sort of money kicking around. My mom’s later random encounter with the vet at the grocery store heavily implied that vet did the surgery anyway and Ms. Rat lived another year with some lovely rat friends.

    The mice we had on the other hand … well we were assured the 2 were both female. Then one morning 2 mice had become 13 mice. The next morning there were only 9 living mice. And that’s how I learned how common it is for some rodents to eat their own babies.

  8. Rabbits arent rodents though
    That aside, a friend of my parents had a hamster that got loose during a party and was squised when someone slammed a door shut. Fortunately no traumatic deaths for my own rabbits/rodents

  9. I knew a girl where the parenta had rabbits and she loved them, and cute names, played with them. And somehow she had no problem deciding which rabbit she wants to eat first. Her father killed the rabbit then and happily ate it.

    She didnt had the normal amount of empathy and this showed it, but i guess the parenting was badly done so she barely had any empathy

  10. My first hamster was the most docile little thing imaginable. I used to have him in my top pocket and he’d poke out the top. He absolutely loved his wheel, to the point that I got him a big fancy one to run in.

    Then the little sod died the day before my 13th birthday. He’d been on his wheel and seems to have just come off and died.

  11. Guinea pig died of dysentry. Moved into a wrecked house. This women had 3 dogs and never took them outside. So all the floorboards in the house were soaked through with dog piss.

    Me and my friend were ripping up the boards and throwing them in the garden for later removal. My ex let the guinea pig outside for a minute, and it chewed on on of the floorboards. It died painfully the next day.

    I know it was dysentry because my friend caught it also. (He ate a chicken ring without watching his hands, and was hospitalised the next day due to shitting blood)

  12. Ah here’s my story of the untimely demise of my guinea pig Fred:

    I was about 7 So we had Fred for about a year now and my family used to drive back and forth to North Carolina to see my grandmother. When we went we took Fred in a cage that looked [like this](http://Lee's Kritter Keeper, Mini Rectangle w/Lid ( Colors May Vary ) On our way back my brother carried him in the back seat but he happened to fall asleep while placing a pillow on top of his cage. We didn’t realize until after a 9 hour drive that Fred was no longer moving and he had suffocated because of my brother.

    I still think to this day he did it on purpose because he used to abuse my cat to the point my cat avoided him at all costs.

  13. It had escaped from it’s cage. We looked around for days, we thought it was completely gone. My sister eventually found it smothered when she changed her bedsheets.

  14. I had a bunny. Great pet and I only left it in his cage when I went to work. Came home one morning and he had died in his cage. My husband think it panicked over something and broke its own back. We had another bunny and never had any problems. I would have more but live in an apartment.

  15. A fiend of mine tried to scare his hamster whit a vacume so it would comout form onder a cabinet.
    Needles to say it got scared by the sound and the vacume tube looked alot like the tubes in it’s cage.

  16. My bf had a Bunny as a kid, one day he decided it would be funny to THROW THE BUNNY AT HIS BROTHER, who obviously hit it back like a volleyball. Needless to say they never had another rodent as a pet.

  17. I feel so cheated, because I always read these stories, and I’ve had several pet rodents, but not one of them gave me a good death story! Guess I’ll have to keep trying until one meets an untimely, but entertaining end.

  18. Had hamsters growing up.. 1st one – I accidentally choked to death, 2nd – got thrown in the sewer by my cousin, 3rd – got bitten by a lot of ants, 4th – got sick, I forgot how the 5th and 6th died (probably got sick) cos by then, I was tired of them dying and having to get a new one and figured hamsters just isn’t a pet I should have.

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