People who have almost been murdered, what’s your story?

People who have almost been murdered, what’s your story?

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  1. I’ll go first. I was driving one day and a guy ran a red light. He almost hit me and so I honk at him. He then proceeded to roll down his window and start cursing at me.

    I do the same, and he eventually he gets out of his car and comes over to me. I was going to leave, but before I knew it he had opened my door and dragged me out, I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt.

    He proceeded to start beating the shit out of me. He was way bigger than me, I’m 6’2” and 200+ lbs, and he was assaulting me for the simple fact I had honked at him for running a red, so I was pretty scared that the dude was gonna kill me.

    There were no other cars around, so I thought I was just fucked. Then some old dude comes running out of his house. I couldn’t hear what he said but he had a gun and yelled something at the dude, and the dude backed off.

    Took the dude to court, he got charged with assault, attempted murder, and running a red light.

    Court case was easy cause it was all caught on traffic cameras.

    I still talk with the old dude, he is pretty chill, his name is Gus.

    Edit: he had a few previous assault charges, so that also made it easier to convict

  2. i escaped a physically violent ex, broke up but then couldnt find housing that accepted me. i ran out of money on credit cards in airbnbs and asked if i could stay back at my farm where i lived with him for 8 years and had a bunch of barn cats and horses that were still there that i wanted to rehome. when i left originally i lost my farm based business that id worked on for 10 years and ruined my credit already by paying for airbnbs so needed to return there because i had nothing. he pretended to be fine w the breakup and me staying in my personal rv across the farm from the main house. When i got there i discovered he killed 4 of my cats and the horses were moved in a tiny area with no grass and no water. That first night he trapped me in the back cubby of the rv, beating me in the head over and over whenever id pass out he would get giddy and punch the back of my head to wake me up. He kept that going for 3 days, raping and torturing me, searching through my phone and laptop and mock reading my conversations where i told people about his previous abuse while smashing me up like a ragdoll. He is 6’4 an entire foot taller and 100 pounds heavier than I am. So was tortured and beat almost to death for those 3 days and nights but then saw a friend of his had come by, but he was blocking the door still. I pretended to not notice the friend and stayed in the back staring at the ground but then bolted like lightning toward the door, unlocked it somehow before he caught me, ran outside in the rain shoeless, screaming for help while covered in blood and mud. Then the ex smashed his own face bloody with a frying pan, came out and told his friend i started it by hitting him first. I have never hit anyone in my life and said so, luckily the friend believed me and took me to our other rental house 30 min away which i lived
    in for 2 years without being able to afford water. he would come over and kick the door down off its hinges and one night i woke up to him sleep raping me. i still do not have justice, he is rich and his parents have made it clear they will lie in court to accuse me of hitting his face first… he is a true psychopath. He was a different person in the beginning until I discovered he was cheating on me with a 17 year old, became a monster after that and kept me hostage, monitoring everything i did and logging into my stock accounts while i slept to take out anything profitable. if i didnt tell him my passcodes he would pick me up and throw me against the wall. he didnt let me have a cell phone for years and basically forced me to be a slave for years. Everyone I tell this to starts avoiding me or blames me somehow or straight up calls me crazy to my face so theres also that.

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