People who have experienced paranormal activity, what is your story?

People who have experienced paranormal activity, what is your story?

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  1. The night my daughter was born (it was a home birth) I was laying out a shower curtain and getting the bed ready while she was in the bath. I was a nervous wreck as this was my first child and the whole home birth thing. Something whispered, directly in my ear “Don’t worry, we’re all here.”

    The feeling that went through me was like a shot of dilauded. In a second a wave of love, calm and joy washed over my body. One of the oddest experiences I’ve ever had.

  2. I was about 16 and home alone one night at my stepdads house. Everyone had gone out for the night except me. One thing you need to know about this household; it’s in a pretty rural area, in a little village where everyone knows each other and a lot of family lives in the same town. Because of this, no one would ever use the front door. Everyone who came over would just come through the garden and use the back door and walk right in.

    So it’s about 10pm, I’m watching tv, and the doorbell rings. It startled me a bit, who could that be at this hour? So I look out the window to get a full view of the front doorstep. No one’s there. As I’m looking out the bell rings again, but there’s no one there to ring it. My whole body becomes red hot with adrenaline and fear and I’m frozen to my seat as it rings again. And again. I run to grab my phone to try and call my mom to come home cause I’m scared shitless. No answer. The ringing stops.

    About an hour later my parents come home and I freak out and tell them what happened and I’m pissed at them for not answering the phone.

    My stepdad chuckles and says “Oh yeah, that’s my wife. It happens sometimes.” His previous wife and partner for years and years had died a few years back. He said he tried to have the doorbell fixed only to figure out there’s nothing wrong with it. Their theory is that when the doorbell rings it’s her. Reminding them she’s still with them.

  3. Years ago, when I was just a kid, my mom and I lived in this old apartment in MA. One day, when I was watching TV while she was cooking, all of the sudden she started to scream, yelling for me to come over and “look at this”.

    I ran over. She was standing right by the dining room table, which was empty except for a blue plastic cup at the end of it. I was confused, and asked her what the hell was going on.

    She didn’t say anything. She just picked up the blue cup, and set it down at the other end of the table. As soon as she put it down, the cup just slid over all the way to the other end of the table, by itself. It stopped right at the edge.

    I jumped back, perplexed. My mom picked up the cup and did it again. And again for a third time.

    I’ve always liked technology and science (I grew up to become an engineer) so rather than being scared, I tried to figure out a rational explanation for this. I picked up the cup, and looked at it closely. I looked under and around the table. The table was spotless, and there was nothing else there. It wasn’t a trick, there were no wires or magnets or anything of the sort. I tried the same thing with other objects, and nothing happened. It only happened with this particular blue plastic cup.

    I eventually tried it while looking directly at the cup, literally 2 inches away from it, and followed its path. The cup would actually vibrate as it moved, and did so in such a way that you could only notice it up close.

    To this day, I am not sure what caused the cup to move.

    That wasn’t the only strange thing I experienced in that apartment…

  4. Was plumbing in a basement of a 120 year old home on a lake in northern mi. I felt a chill and looked to my left and seen a fella in overhauls walk through a wall and then gone. I left and never went back.

  5. I grew up in a house that originally served as an “old folks home”.

    At night the whole house would pop and crack. It sounded like people were walking up and down the stairs all night. My mom was always on board that the house was haunted. My dad said it was “Just the house settling” the house in 1984 was 100 years old.

    One night I woke up to the sound of a door slamming. I walked down the hall and peeked around the corner, looking down the stairs. (At the bottom of the stairs was a closet) The door was open about six to eight inches, and there was a human face looking at me from inside the closet. I ran into the bathroom and tried to calm down. Finally I mustered the courage to come out of the bathroom and look down the stairs again…. Nothing there.

    There were many experiences in that house that are harder to explain.

  6. When I was younger I used to watch wrestling.

    I was watching Friday night Smackdown and everyone else was asleep. It was during the time Undertaker and Shawn Michaels were feuding (2009). So Shawn Michaels came out dressed in all white and was cutting a promo and I was waiting for Undertaker to come out.

    Suddenly I stared shivering and felt an intense amount of fear and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked around and saw a shadow person/ hooded person walk behind me and disappear.

    I ran out of the living room into the bedroom without even turning the TV off. This might not seem like a big deal but as a kid I felt really bad because I was wasting electricity by not turning the TV off. I felt like going back outside to turn it off but I was too scared lol.

    I don’t believe in the paranormal so I guess it was just a hallucination, still pretty scary tho.

  7. I’ve always slept with my bedroom door open, right? (I have a small room and it feel smaller when the door’s closed, also I was very scared of the dark as a kid) Anyways, so there was one night I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason, and I had a mirror across my room that faced the hallway. My bed was facing the mirror so yknow I could see the hallway from my bed. And that night I looked in the mirror and I saw my mom in the mirror, and she was looking down and giving me the creepiest smile. I blinked and she was gone. I’m not sure if that was a sleep deprived hallucination or what, but it definitely wasn’t my mom. (Sorry, I’m bad at explaining)

  8. When I was in HS my friend and I was coming back from the movies and when we got close to my house we both felt like something or someone was watching us. It was really weird. Then all of a sudden this big silver looking object was like right in front of the windshield. My friend hit the brakes and this object had a red light shining into the car and it was like scanning. Then it just flew off. We both said no one would believe us. It was crazy. Nobody believes us to this day. But we can’t explain what it was. No one has come up with an explanation.

  9. I’ve experience it a lot when I was a kid and only once as an adult.
    While I was writing a few experiences I felt a strange chill down my spine so I’ll skip the really terrible ones because I really don’t want to remember that.

    But when my sister and I were kids I’ll never forget living in this house and always hearing my name get called, woke up one night to my sister screaming and the light was green. Saw this kid watching her and I literally froze.

    Sister ran and turned on the lights and he was gone.

    I still don’t believe in ghost, I try my hardest to forget the terrible things I’ve seen.
    I don’t want to believe it, I think logical even though I cannot think of an explanation for some of the things I’ve seen. But I really feel sympathy for those who get called crazy for seeing things that they can’t explain. I know exactly how they feel

  10. 1)footsteps on the stairs at night

    2)a giant painting at the end of our upstairs 20ft landing “falling” and landing crashed at my door…which was at the opposite end of said landing

    3)every day at 3pm all of the heavy wrought iron and glass doorknobs and fixtures would somehow unscrew themselves and thud thud thud to the floor. Screws and everything.

    4)knocking in the walls of my room. Would start behind my head and follow me around the room.

    5) I kept my rosary hanging on the side mirror on my antique 3 mirror make-up vanity. One day it was slowly tapping up and down in the air against the mirror as if someone was lifting it and dangling it to tap.

    6)all the cabinets and drawers in kitchen flying open

    7)our schnauzer wouldn’t go upstairs. She’d growl looking up the stairs

    8)my younger sister’s playroom was one of those rooms people just dreaded. NO ONE went in there. I started watching people as they ascended up the twisting staircase and everyone would speed up at the 7th step from the top and turn their head to avoid looking at the doorway that was immediate left as soon as you got to the top and practically run to one of the other 5 bedrooms up there.

    9)sound of a rocking chair rocking in the attic room in the back of my closet

    10)someone walking down the hallway, through my door, through my room and into my closet

    11)my 80s stereo turning on and the manual dial turning back and forth between channels

    12)same with TV

    13)coming home to knick knacks stacked in a pyramid on the floor. Once they were in a perfect row on my shelving unit that went almost to the ceiling, at the top.

    But the piece de la resistance

    14)my bed levitating with me and my cat in and then with my friends and I in it. That was the last time they spent the night.

    And when I say levitate. Full on levitate and bang violently the right end footboard on the floor like someone very strong was banging it up and down. Bang. Bang. Bang.

    Happened to my parents too. My bed was an old extremely heavy, solid wrought iron bed that takes 2 people just to carry the headboard.

  11. I have a pic of a large, bright orb in front of me that I couldn’t see with my naked eye and it was Feb so no bugs around. I only caught it in 1 of several pics taken, I’m sure it’s something but that’s as close to paranormal I’ve ever gotten.

  12. When I was younger(around 4 to 7) I was hiding under my bedsheets pretending I was hiding in a cave. I then heard something say hello and I saw from the corner of my eye two red eyes and a mouth of teeth.

    I screamed and my sister who I shared I room with got mum but she found nothing.

    Another story in that same house, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw these tiny people running around the floor, but they were shadow like. Like 3d shadows. I know it wasn’t a dream because I made my sister take me to mum and dad and I slept in their room.

    I saw them again but my sister was at camp. But my dad woke up at like 2 in the morning to get ready for work. He was in the kitchen making breakfast so I slept in the lounge room. I know that was real because wisp were flying from the floor and I touched one and it reacted to the touch.

    The last experience was I heard my dad say goodmorning to me. He wasn’t home.

    Ever since we moved from that house I haven’t seen anything paranormal. Except sleep paralysis. Which doesn’t count.

  13. idk if i was just trippin because i was tired or what, but last year when i moved out into a place of my own and it was just me at the time. i remember laying down to sleep and getting the chills which doesn’t happen too much in Arizona summer. but i heard the most clearest voice say something and it sounded like someone had leaned into my ear. i shot up and saw no one and forced myself back asleep. it happened one other time a couple days after but nothing since.

  14. My grandma’s story, not mines.

    I dont think this is haunted, but around June of 2018 or 2019 me and brother and mom went to the training place where my brother trains at for Karate. Nothing really happened at the training place, I hung out with some friends though. Also to remind, a person who went to visit to the old owners house (which is the place I live now) had gotten murdered before visiting, and also this was or near the date of my other grandfather’s birthday who had gotten murdered as well like in the 1980s.

    When i came back home my grandma (dad’s side) had reported the door opening and closing multiple times when we weren’t here, the windows in the room were closed tight. (My mom locks all the windows and stuff before leaving.) This was also before we got my cat, which means my grandma was the onky person there. She was in the living room, she also heard a bunch of things moving upstairs and stuff. Also, my other grandpa who died was from my mom’s side, and my grandma on my dad’s side, so they didn’t know eachother at all ever. This wasn’t the only time the door kept closing and opening randomly, when I was playing a game downstairs with my brother the door kept opening and closing, eventually to the point where it actually closes itself and cant be opened without force, my cat also has a habit of going upstairs, meowing, looking at the door that opens and closes and just stares at it. There hasnt been recent experiences like this, the door literally have not gotten a single fix.

  15. When we were young teenagers we were all hanging out at a neighborhood friend’s house when he decided it would be fun to pull out a Ouija board. We were all just stupid kids (ridiculously high at the time), so we really had no idea what we were doing with the board. We were sitting around the board in the living room, just being dumb, asking silly questions about ghosts, spirits, dead relatives, etc..

    Suddenly, this guy’s dog, who is a big, old, morbidly fat mutt, jumps up, runs into the dining room and starts snarling and barking ferociously at the light fixture hanging above the dining room table! There was NOTHING there! There was no upstairs in this house. This normally sedentary pig-dog is just totally freaking out at a light fixture hanging from the ceiling! He then lets out a spine-tingling YELP, like someone kicked him HARD, and he spins around and runs out of the room yelping the whole way thru his exit.

    The group of us just sat there, with our mouths hanging open, wondering what the hell we just saw. When reality crept back in we whipped that board across the room, and bolted out of that house like it was on fire!

    It was honestly like something out of a movie. Only this really happened. We all concurred later that this was not something we’d hallucinated due to the excess of bud we’d inhaled earlier.

  16. Used to be a contractor. Had to inspect all kinds of places one was the old psych hospital known as (redacted) Asylum that had long been empty. Was working on one of the floors and it was starting to feel…off… It was August but got freezing inside. All of a sudden. Decided I was going to calmly but briskly leave the building. As I was going down the stairs (i think I was between the 2nd and 3rd floor) something grabbed my ankle. I booked it out of there immediately didn’t care if someone saw me terrified or panicked. Ran the fuck outta there ripped off my PPE called my contact to confirm I was out and left for the day due to “outstanding reports”. Went home and tried to convince myself it didn’t happen.

  17. My aunt and grandma were supposed to be coming over and were going to bring dinner. I distinctly heard my backdoor open and my aunt yell “come help us grab a few things from the car!”

    I hopped off the couch and went to help out, but no one was there. The driveway was empty. I called my aunt’s phone to see where they went and the moment she answered she said “yeah, yeah, we’re running a bit late but we’re on our way. Just leaving grandma’s house now.”

  18. When my grandson was about 3 or 4, I remember him asking me who the old lady sitting on the couch was. There was no one on the couch.. Some kids can see things we can’t.

    I often joke that I can never see my reflection in a mirror. When ever I go to look in one, there’s some old man standing in front of me blocking my view.

  19. My friend is part of a paranormal investigation group, and while she was giving a tour around a haunted theater, I hung out in the main theater to talk to a mutual friend. Out of nowhere, I hear a child’s laugh clear as day. None of the EMF detectors went off, but I swear it was clearer than most human sounds I’ve heard. I could pinpoint the exact location in the room it was coming from, but there was no one there— just the wall that the theater shared with a (closed, empty) store that used to be a morgue.

    The only people on that floor of the building were myself and a man in his 50s, and the youngest person in the building was too old to have made the sound. But there are stories of a little girl from the ‘50s or ‘60s who haunts that room/building because she likes being around people

  20. When I was younger, maybe like 5. I went to bed and I woke up to the sound of something whispering and I thought nothing of it until I heard “hey, psst” and I looked up and saw a black dog with yellow eyes standing on 2 legs.

    I started screaming and crying and yelled for my parents and when they came up the thing hid behind a chair in my room. I was so scared I slept with my parents for a week and never saw that thing again

  21. Not my story, but my uncle and his family. When my cousins were born they bought them toys and one of them was like a teddy ruxpin, but it was a dog, anyway one night it kept going off for no reason. Eventually, my uncle got fed up and took its batteries out. Not even a few minutes later it starts going off again. Unsurprisingly, that thing was in the trash by the next day.

  22. I live on a relatively busy road and it was spring so all the windows were open. There is a park and a train track nearby as well. At a certain point shit just seemed to get louder and louder. The cars, the nearby train horn, the kids playing at the park and I got the weirdest feeling of just being overwhelmed by the noise. Just when I thought I couldn’t handle it, like maybe I needed to close the windows or something the noise all just… stopped. And I heard a tiny whisper say “help…”

    Then the noise started again, but at a normal volume/intensity. I don’t know if I stroked out or what but thinking about it still freaks me the fuck out.

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