People who have free healthcare and don’t live in America, what’s your opinion on the American Healthcare system?

People who have free healthcare and don’t live in America, what’s your opinion on the American Healthcare system?

What do you think?

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  1. Scary. It seems a bit of a lottery for serious issues.

    To be clear, I love our NHS but it’s far from perfect. But it’s nice to know that if I develop a serious illness/disease I don’t have to worry about an insurance policy or debate having to sell my house to pay for treatment

  2. You guys are crazy over there that you let you gov / politics do that to you.
    getting basic healthcare is (or should be) a human right and noone should be scared to call an ambulance bc they fear the cost.

  3. I’m terrified of visiting America without insurance. I’m not paying tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to treatment. If I have to pay overseas I’m putting a DNR wristband on me. I’d rather die then be in debt forever

  4. Its awful and ridiculous how many people over there oppose free or socialised healthcare. Not once have i ever had to think and work out if i could afford a hospital visit or a trip to my GP. If i ever get in an accident or develop a serious health issue i will never have to worry about debt or payments regarding them. The NHS is deffo not perfect (Cheers Conservative party) but it is still brilliant and miles better than having to pay for individual healthcare problems. The fact that many working class individuals go into debt over healthcare costs or cant afford treatment is horrendous. No matter how much money you have, everybody deserves adequate healthcare.

  5. I think It’s of good quality, (some of the names are a bit strange, like MT sinai in NYC, or the fact you use fire department vehicles as ambulances however ultimately what I do not understand is why you have a healthcare system that can bankrupt people or just take a lot of money out of somebodies savings simply for just being Ill or Injured, Healthcare is a Human right and should be free at time of need for all, with no financial worry afterwards.

  6. I have to pay $1,330 before I can get a life saving MRI for a chronic disease I have. Who tf has that kind of money just laying around. I literally have insurance too. This is America. They hate poor people, I’m sure they’d be okay with me dying. My family however would not.

  7. I am an American who has lived in Canada most of my adult life. There are a few things to note when trying to compare Healthcare.

    * Socalized Healthcare, like here in Canada is not free. It is payed for thru taxes and taxes in Canada are pretty high and raise the over all cost of living as property, goods and services are taxed to pay for all government services, just like in the States.

    * It is overall more accessible, however it is also highly abused as people who are not billed per visit tend to use emergency services for non-emergecies. This raises the cost thus raises taxes.

    * Cost of living, generally speaking, in the U.S. is lower and most professional jobs offer some form of medical plan. With the lower cost of living if I were to return to live in the U.S. I would purchase additional coverage even if my work provided a plan.

    * Both systems have pros and cons.

  8. I think their country is cheaper to live in because they don’t pay many taxes for a lot of these things that we pay for. I’m also confused about why the ones who don’t have healthcare, why they don’t just apply for it or the jobs should be giving it, no? Either way healthcare is not free, someone is paying for it

  9. I’m European, live in America and i have free medical. I’m in good health, retired a few years ago at 50, and See doctor a couple of times a year, get free blood draws. I’ve never paid a penny. It’s great over here.

  10. American medicine is probably the best in the world. Access and cost can be better. However, if you have insurance and you get sick, you have numerous hospitals staffed with literally the best medical professionals. You could not ask for better quality.

  11. The sad truth is the corporations that run your healthcare system are seeing the writing on the wall. That being America will most likely have universal healthcare soon. So what do they do? They are starting to influence countries that have universal healthcare system. They lobby hard, influence politicians so they underfund the universal systems and they break so that this gives them reason to bring in privatisation. It’s happening in multiple provinces in Canada. And we do have some things in certain. Provinces that are privatised (MRIs). It’s actually heart breaking. Many of us don’t know what to do.

  12. I am a Yank and lived in Australia for 10 years. Went to emergency one and got stiches. When finished I was told to go through this door, I opened it and I was outside. When my wife was in the states, she’s Aussie, it cost $300 for her meds, in Australia it cost $10, her doctor visits were $8 and mine were $10. American health care sucks.

  13. I had to have a liver transplant years ago and the Medicare system here in Australia paid for everything. If I was in America it would have cost over $1 million dollars even if I had insurance.

    It’s incredibly stupid that the richest country in the world can’t take care of its own people.

  14. It’s awful. A few years ago, my son & family were in Japan visiting the in-laws. Grandson fell and broke his arm. They only had to pay $400. That’s it. That’s the ER visit, doctor, X-ray, cast and follow up visit. Here you can’t even walk in the ER for $400!

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