People who have mastered the art of not giving a fuck about what others think, how did you do it?

People who have mastered the art of not giving a fuck about what others think, how did you do it?

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  1. For one thing, it’s not binary, ie. either / or, but selective. There are lots of things you should give a fuck about what others think, and vice versa. To simply declare, “I don’t give a fuck about what others think” is simply chest-beating bravado.

  2. As you get older it bothers you less. In your youth your relationships with people are paramount. As you age you have already spent so much time trying to please everyone else that you get to the point where you just want to be left alone. At that point you don’t really give a shit anymore.

  3. It’s really hard to explain in a way where I can’t say “I just don’t care what others think” because that’s really all I can say, there isn’t any trick to it I just don’t, I could have someone say their opinion that is the complete 100% negative opposite of my opinion and I could sleep soundly at night like nothing happened

  4. Tbh it started the first time I wore a crop top and some lady glared at me like I was a whore. Made me realize I looked *amazing* and it wasn’t my fault she didn’t like it. That’s where I realized if you ain’t feeding, f-cking, or financing me, IDC what you think cause I’mma still do what I do.

    Plus, everyone has something to say about everyone. Doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do, *someone* will have something negative to say. You just gotta teach yourself that fact and apply it to your life.

  5. I felt bad about not fitting in, but then I realized that some people admired that I did my own thing.

    I also realized that the vast majority of people attending events parties etc. were also feeling awkward and left out and that if I walked up to them and spoke first, they thought that I had confidence.

    Lastly, the older I got, the less I truly did care about what other people think. I realized that most people are idiots, and there’s absolutely no need for me to court the approval of idiots.

  6. I’ve never really given a shit. It comes naturally to me.

    The reality is that it really doesn’t matter what people think. The only thing that matters is what you think.

  7. Well, I’m 37 and I have Parkinson’s. My ability to give a shit about the opinions of others has decreased exponentially since my first symptoms started. So if you want perspective on what really matters, get a neurodegenerative disease. Really helps you realize frivolous bullshit, like people’s opinions, don’t really matter.

  8. When I realized my life was just that and it’s too short to waste it not being happy, worrying about other people’s opinion or needing their approval.

  9. This is wrong to be honest. Knowing when to give a shit is the real question you should ask if you don’t want to be alone.

    Set your priorities straight. If you care about your family then you will need to care.

    Also worrying never changed anything. Try to recognize if the thing you are worrying about is worth your time and then stop thinking about it. It may pop back in your head but the goal here is consistency. When you spot the unwanted behavior then you stop doing it again and again until it is gone.

  10. It begins with realizing that most of the time other people are not giving a shit about you. When we’re younger we feel like we’re being watched and judged by others constantly, but the older you get the more you start to realize that that simply isn’t the case. Other people are stuck in their own thoughts and worries and aren’t focused on you. People are naturally self-centered and while that can certainly have its drawbacks, in this case it works to your benefit.

    It also helps to gain some self-confidence, or at least project it. Why do you assume that the other people in the room are more intelligent, well-spoken, talented, etc. than you are? They may be better at certain skills, just like you may be better at certain skills. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. They are not better than you, so no need to put yourself down in your head.

    When you are guessing that those around you are silently judging everything you say and do, you are making a lot of assumptions. You are trying to be a mind reader, when that isn’t possible. It’s not very fair to them to assume they have such thoughts. Do you like it when others assume what you are thinking and feeling? Would you like it if they accused you of being judgmental even though you didn’t say anything outwardly to show that? Being overly concerned with what others think of you is a type of paranoia that is not based in reality.

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