People who have shit their pants in their adult life, why?

People who have shit their pants in their adult life, why?

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  1. Once was from food poisoning. Pulled over to throw up and a bunch of children at a mini-golf watched me alternate between vomiting and shitting myself. Good times.

  2. It’s happened several times, once while lifting weights at the gym and I wasn’t as strict on going to the bathroom before starting the workout as I am now.. Another time when I was ill and I was vomiting into a toilet and the contraction from vomiting caused me to shit myself. The third was the worst one, my mom had given me some mysterious 100% scam diet pills and I had been taking them for a few days without issue. I was watching a movie when I realized that I had been leaking rancid oily ass juice all over my clothes, the couch and the blanket I was rolled up in, I had to throw away everything and get new couch pillows because there’s no detergent on this planet that could have gotten rid of that demonic napalm like substance

  3. Not me but i overheard a guy who told another guy that he’ll give him 20 dollars if he shits his pants and that man didn’t hesitate at all

  4. I let out a fart as I got into my car after work… it was a little more than a fart. That was an uncomfortable, shameful commute home that day

  5. There was this guy in college, his nickname was “caca break” because he shat himselves multiple time while wasted. Also he went to practice anal sex in what turned out to be everybody’s favorite poo-poo spot.

    College was wild

  6. Had food poisoning. Had to choose if I was gonna puke on myself or shit myself. It was easier to put my face on the toilet rather than turning my ass around

  7. I was out on a run on a winter evening/night and the public bathrooms of the park were locked. I tried stopping at multiple places on the way back home but nothing was open, so…it happened. I was not as close to home as I would have liked.

  8. I was 13 on an out of state field trip. Something happened to my stomach over that first day and it was wretched. On the bus ride from VA to SC, I could feel I wasn’t making it to the bathroom. I say, somewhat luckily, it was more fluid than anything so I didn’t feel AS soiled

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