People who have signed NDA’s that are now expired, what can you disclose to us?

People who have signed NDA’s that are now expired, what can you disclose to us?

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  1. * I saw a work in progress edition of the movie Spirit Untamed. That was it, I wasn’t allowed to ever mention the movie but now it’s out/announced and that was a loooooong time ago. I also saw the pilot episode of Grown-ish and wasn’t allowed to say anything about it.

    * Twitch once asked their prime users what layout they liked best for claiming prime loot, and if they wanted to be shouted out in chat or not for claiming prime loot.

    * Starbucks asked their mobile app users what changes could be made to the app, but never actually made changes lmfao but to be honest they do have the perfect mobile ordering setup.

    * HP asked people who use printers about a concept for a display on their printers that was kinda like a watch, the screen was round and you had to rotate the outside of the screen to navigate menus. It wasn’t a touch screen. The setup process was worse than windows 10. I hated it.

    Those are the only ones I can think of

  2. i know a lady who dated david bowie’s bodyguard. she toured with them and said she had to sign an NDA for the duration of the tour. she said david bowie was a really nice guy 😃

  3. “House Hunters” guest checking in, I never made the show because I didn’t close on the house.

    1: I had to have a house under contract before going on the show.

    2: They would select the other houses we were “interested” in.

    3: I was assigned another SO who was more “interesting” than my actual SO[.](

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