People who have signed NDAs that have now expired. What couldn’t you tell us but now can?

People who have signed NDAs that have now expired. What couldn’t you tell us but now can?

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  1. The quarter window on a Chevy Cobalt SS coupe is the same glass as the quarter window on the Honda Civic SI coupe…the difference is in the vinyl trim around the outside. The Acura MDX quarter window was trimmed on the same machine, but was a different shape.

    The windows for Dodge and Chrysler minivans were made on equipment owned by Volkswagen (appropriate, I suppose, because they were all just rebadged Volkswagen Routans).

  2. Disclaimer I don’t know if it’s actually expired but I don’t care enough and it’d be really hard to track down who wrote this. I used to work for a third party retailer for AT&T. We will cheat you every single time you come to the store basically. Our goal is to sell you three accessories and change something about your existing plan. The cost to you ends up being tremendous and we see it in our paychecks as commission. We are also in a constant regional competition with each other to add these stupid things to your bill. We’re incentivized to be assholes. And what’s worse is it’s considered completely normal. It’s also the reason I don’t work there anymore. I don’t feel like being an asshole to decent people.
    Edit: They also treat their employees like shit so I wouldn’t recommend working for a cell phone company

  3. I interviewed for a job at a major tech company a few years ago and had to sign an NDA before going in. I’m not going to name the company because I don’t actually know if it’s expired, but it was one of the big companies that everyone knows and is based in California. Basically, the NDA said I couldn’t tell anyone what I saw at the office where I had the interview. There wasn’t even anything worth divulging; it was paranoia on the company’s part. It was a normal office with some high-tech looking stuff strewn around and it was a normal interview. Didn’t get the job though.

    Edit: Oh, the one thing I would add was one of the employees who took part in the interview process came across as extremely racist, but in a very passive-aggressive way.

  4. Pfff idk, but I could tell you how to correctly enrich uranium with a centrifuge even though every country knows because of leakage and spies. But it’s still NDA for life.

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