People who jump out of bed in the morning and go for a jog, how?

People who jump out of bed in the morning and go for a jog, how?

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  1. After a while it’s routine. Got to the point where I would automatically wake up at 6am without an alarm.

    However once you fall off the cart, it’s harder to get back on it.

  2. Willpower and determination. It’s easy to just stay in bed and not do it, but if you keep up the routine it gets easier and your body will look better. That’s how.

  3. I run in the mornings in the summer time because it’s super hot in the afternoons, now in the winter I run in the afternoons because it’s 5F in the mornings.

  4. Just the motivation to better myself. Also, the nature adrenaline and activity produced by jogging in the morning wakes me up. By the time I’m finished with the jog, I’m ready to start my day.

  5. After about 4 days or so I get used to it. The first couple days is the hardest when starting out. You wake up tired with the idea that you have to exert your body. Makes you want to go right back to sleep. It helps to have my workout clothes, socks, and shoes as accessible as possible for when you roll out of bed.

  6. The hardest part is putting on your trainers and opening the door. Once you last that hurdle the rest is straightforward. If you haven’t run in a long time try power walking for a few weeks . Also try not too do too much, aim for 25-35 mins daily. And yes it doesn’t have to be in the morning, you can go evening too.

  7. I just do not switch of my alarm…and i keep a water bottle beside me. As soon as i wake up, i chug like 3-4 gulps of water, that way its more difficult for me to fall asleep again and i just quickly stand up, so that get me started, u could try jumping a few times

  8. The first step is to go to bed early, if you wake up after not getting a proper night of sleep then you’re not at all likely to go running, because you will just be drowsy and say in bed.

    I used to wake up at 5 am to run, and went to bed at 9 pm for the full 8 hours of sleep.

    That’s about it from my end.

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