People who lost weight. Has your self-confidence increased? Are you happy with your appearance?

People who lost weight. Has your self-confidence increased? Are you happy with your appearance?

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  1. Yes and yes.


    But I would be lying if I didn’t add this one point, as it did make me a bit depressed for a time.

    And that was in terms of my intimate relations – where before I had none at all, suddenly there was an embarrassment of riches, let us say.

    This was a challenge.

    For one thing, I simply wasn’t used to it and getting used to the idea took quite a bit of convincing.

    The idea of being not just attractive to others but actually being physically desired was actually quite surreal, not quite believable.

    For another, and this is a hard thing to admit now, I couldn’t help feeling a certain resentment and disdain for people I’d known in the past (who’d never ever considered me in that way) and even for people in the present (who’d not seen what I’d been like before).

    Wasn’t I the same person still? Had my sense of humour changed?

    So I was initially experienced discomfort at the idea that humans were generally really quite superficial and therefore untrustworthy and so, you know, frankly a bit shit.

    The good news is that that phase passed pretty quickly.

    The thing to remember is that is ***not*** superficial to find fit, healthy people more attractive than those who aren’t.

  2. I’m still adjusting I think, my brain is probably going to be stuck in “fat person mode” for a long time yet. I’ve lost 20kg since December. I’ve actually lost more than that, but December was when I started to weigh myself and track it.

    I definitely feel a bit better. What they don’t tell you is that your ass gets incredibly bony. Now I have to put a pillow on my chair. My knees are also much more knobbly. I can’t sleep without putting a pillow in between them. Basically if you get skinnier, you need more pillows in your life.

    I haven’t bought any new clothes since the weight loss, so most of them are really baggy now and I have no idea what size I am anymore. Once I hit my goal weight and figure out how to maintain it, I’ll think about new clothes.

    Overall? Would rate losing weight. I am happier with my body and I do feel a bit more confident. There’s more to looks than weight though. I’m still a scruffy tomboy who never styles my hair or wears makeup, so I’m never going to look pretty or glamorous or anything. But at least I feel healthier.

  3. Yes and no.

    I lost over 100 lbs/45kg recently and I definitely feel better, I’m much healthier, and my doctor is very happy with me.

    I am also a saggy, droopy mess.

  4. Yes, but not really.

    I’m happier with how I look but not happy. Strangely losing the weight had me paying attention to the pockets of fat on my body whereas I used to just look at myself as “bigger than average”. The result is I maybe look better but now realize there is a lot further to go.

    Progress is progress regardless, but even that has some downside in this case.

  5. Not much and yes;
    My self confidence isn’t very high, but it’s also not tied to my weight or appearance much. It is a factor, but not a big one.

    I am happy with my appearance and happier than I was.

    Most importantly is that I feel much better (physically) now I’m in better shape.

  6. I lost weight without exercising and I looked very gaunt in the face. So I gained weight again and now I’m losing **and exercising** so that I tone up proper.

  7. I lost about 60 lbs of excess weight a 7 years ago. In general, I suffer from extreme self confidence. Here’s what it felt like from my perspective.

    -10 lbs no change. This is a normal weight fluctuation for a 6’2” male. In fact, my weight can vary by 5 lbs in any given day.

    -20 lbs no real changes

    -30 lbs definitely need smaller clothes, but since I’m not talking about it hardly anyone notices. Stairs are easier. I remember walking back from lunch one day and feeling the urge to run.

    -40 lbs people I see less frequently notice. It is routine for people to blurt out things like: you look great or what are you doing to lose weight.

    -50 lbs constant chatter from other people about how great I look. I really feel how much easier it is to move through space. Random people smile at me on the street.

    -60 lbs close friends start to worry and ask if everything is ok. I am now apparently skinny in the minds of other people, though still in the overweight category by the charts. This is around my goal weight and where I stayed for the next 5 years.

    (During pandemic, things got a little crazy, but that is a different story. )

    So, to wrap it up: I was super surprised that losing weight DID increase my already high self confidence. I’ve pretty much always been happy with my appearance, but having people compliment me all the time was an unusual bonus.

    It was much easier to buy cool clothes and I think the clothes fit better at a lower weight. If you are undertaking something like this, I highly recommend picking up intermediate sized clothes from thrift shops and having as few of them as possible. Always wear the right size clothes.

    My life was already pretty great. Losing weight didn’t magically make my few problems go away. I did notice random people were kind to me at a lower weight. Looking back at old pictures, I can see that I was obese.

    The attention was a little addictive, but things go back to normal more or less.

  8. I mean yeah, because I’m physically free to do whatever I want like be half naked when it’s hot or even wear anything and still look great and relaxed on to it, I didn’t experience this when I was still overweight.

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