People who no longer give a fuck, how did you achieve that mindset?

People who no longer give a fuck, how did you achieve that mindset?

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  1. Be mindful and conscious of what’s going on in the world.

    It isn’t so much I don’t give a fuck, I just realised it’s impossible to always give such a massive shit about everything I see, hear or encounter.

    It doesn’t mean you don’t care. Where applicable I may give my opinion or discuss it with friends I donate money and clothes to charities to try and make a difference. I recycle. I drive a low emissions car. Others may feel strong enough to protest. No worries, each to their own.

    We all have obligations, responsibilities and commitments. Focus on you then pick your battles

  2. Get accused of spreading STDs AND called a rapist by somebody who is just salty that you said they were a boring fuck. Then have everybody around you believe them and kick you to the curb, not even giving you the chance to prove them wrong or defend yourself. Then, go get tested, test negative for EVERYTHING, and get zero apology. People ain’t fucking shit, and their opinions carry zero weight.

  3. TBH that’s not the greatest mindset to have, you should give a fuck about some things or you’re just going to end up being an uncaring and cold asshole.

  4. Remove emotion from outcome, don’t let no one stress you out. You’re the only person who can make yourself happy again, so don’t let others make you unhappy.

  5. Waking up in the ICU after failing to kill myself made me realize that it just doesn’t fucking matter what people think of me or that I haven’t had the life comparable to the ideal I dreamt up.

    I also realized that as long as I liked myself and my interests I shouldn’t give a fuck what other people thought of them.

  6. It got to a stage where I cared about a lot of people and things out of my control whilst others showed me very little love and only spoke to me when wanting something from me. After being treated like a human doormat for too long, I said ‘fuck it.’

    No I’m not edgy saying I don’t care about anyone, I just keep my circle small now. I look out for myself more, and if people disrespect me, i often ignore it, whilst deciding not to waste energy on them. I made a decision to stop being a doormat and have some self respect

  7. I absolutely hate my college degree, but my parents wouldn’t let me drop out so I tried attending my classes. That didn’t pan out because I was too humiliated to show my face after weeks of not going (but still had anxiety attack throughout the weeks of not attending). That went on for months until I just stopped and realized “why tf do I have stress myself out over something that I absolutely hate?”

    Finished the school year (with a lot of classes that dropped me lmao) and changed my degree without telling my parents, and now I’m genuinely excited to start over as an animation student!

  8. The world is ending in a sure fire climate apocalypse that’s literally too late to avoid and people are still waging wars and shit as if anything of that will matter in 80 years, it’s only accomplishment being to worsen the issue.

  9. I leaned that no caring will let you take more risks and give you more experiences. It will allow you to have more fun in life and maybe even achieve more.

  10. I made a fuck budget. Categorize what you can give a fuck about. You only have so many fucks to give in life. When you’re young you have lots of fucks to give, but as you age, so does your fuck budget. So you have to consolidate your fucks so you can spread them out throughout your life evenly.

  11. Mostly comes with experience, but I realized as early as middle school that I’ll attract genuine kinship by keeping true to myself. Being somewhat tactless is kind of a defect, and you learn when and where to truly keep it real, but ultimately, you’re keeping yourself happy and confident from not hiding from who you are and you draw in genuine interest from people who like (and see) you for your actual person.

  12. I have a job that pays well and is fulfilling where I am climbing at a fast rate. I have more than enough money to cover all my deductibles. I’ve done the math and if I spend my career saving at the exact rate I’m saving now I will retire a multi-millionaire guaranteed. I know myself, I know the things I like and don’t like. When people try to get me to enter a situation I don’t like I’m comfortable saying “that’s not for me” rather than feeling pressured to enter it anyway.

  13. Three types of people

    1: they support you no matter what.

    2: tough lovers,they support you as well but they give you dose of reality of how you doing in your life if you not doing really good, they will tell you ok your face.

    3: will hate you no matter whatever…WHATEVER you do in your life, if you are successful they will pull your leg, if you are already down in your life, they will double down you for there satisfaction.

    Now you gotta realize that you NEED to give a fuck about first 2 because if you don’t then well, you not really gonna do much in your life.

    As for the 3rd one you gotta realize you can’t make them satisfied with your work or with your anything…and to handle that you have two options: either cry about it on how they hurt your feelings and hate you, or stand up,show middle fingers to them and move on, most people choose 1st, and very few people manage to choose 2nd since it ain’t easy to calm your nerves down as your “ego” will keep saying “how dare he/she talked shit about me??”

  14. I declared myself a vampire and chose to not care about the primitive species’ thoughts on me

    But in all seriousness: I just stopped caring after being hurt so much, you kinda just become cold

  15. I wouldn’t say I don’t give a fuck but I prioritize what to care about and what not to.

    I care about my friends, my family, my job etc etc. The important things in life.

    The rest? Money comes and goes, people come and go. No sense in losing sleep over it.

    I know who I am. I don’t care what people say or think about me when they’re wrong. I know my truth, that’s what matters. I never understood people who were so concerned with what other people thought, especially strangers. You’re never going to see them again, who cares?

    I say what I feel. I don’t care about hate or arguments or downvotes. I don’t retract statements or delete comments. I spent enough time hiding how I felt. It dawned on me one day to just stop. I say what I feel, if you have a problem with that… well that’s a YOU problem. You can always speak your mind no matter how unpopular the opinion is and do so without being an asshole.

  16. I woke up and realised that most people in the world are talking smack about other people behind their back regardless of how pleasant they seem or how nice I was. So I realised it wasn’t going to change no matter how I acted I might as well enjoy the ride.

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