People who own cats, how does it make you feel to catch your cat drinking from the fresh glass of water you just poured?

People who own cats, how does it make you feel to catch your cat drinking from the fresh glass of water you just poured?

What do you think?

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  1. Water is fine. I’ll get a new glass.. But one of cats is obsessed with Tea (proper British tea) number of times I put it down and turned round only to see her ears folded back and her entire head in the mug slurping away. Its so annoying.

  2. I came to the understanding that it isn’t my water but her water… everything is hers and I need to be humble and blessed that she chose to accept me in her life… All hail Queen Pebbles… long may she reign…

  3. I’ve never had an issue with them doing that. If they did, though, I would just be happy they are drinking water. Both of my cats are “senior” and senior cats tend to not drink enough water.

    Especially my boy with his urine crystals. He NEEDS to drink more water and if he were doing it out of my glass, who cares. I would just go get a new glass.

  4. I love my cat, but I don’t want to share drinking vessels. I have a drink bottle, so the little brat can’t. She has fresh water in her bowl, but also likes drinking out of puddles. She is fast and sneaky so if there is a glass left unattended she will try her luck. Luckily she’s cute.

    Another cat we had who has passed, liked orange juice. He would dunk his paw then lick it clean. He was a very odd ginger cat. Lovely natured, loved cuddles, but thick as two planks of wood lengthwise. He is greatly missed.

  5. Our cat lies in the bathtub on his back, paws straight up, tongue out, and catches every drop from the spout.

    He’ll do this by the hour, even though his water dish is full of fresh water. So far, he’s never sipped from a glass or shown any interest in it.

    But if he did, I’d enjoy the moment (cute to watch him sipping!) and let him have it while I got a new glass for myself.

  6. Cognitive Behavior Therapy and keeping a journal. Maybe try reading this book. It helped me a lot.

    Edit: Also, maybe try not following all of the advice in this thread about drinking and having casual sex. You may just turn into a sex addicted alcoholic.

  7. My cats actually don’t. But then I drink out of a 24oz tumbler and generally drain half of it between the kitchen and me sitting down so they couldn’t drink it without knocking it over first.

  8. I’ve accepted that I drink cat spit… and even cat litter -.- My cat is one of those dumbasses that like to stick his paw in first and then lick from his paw a few times before actually drinking normally

  9. Really good, because that never Happens with my cat. He’s so insanely polite and well behaved, that i sometimes dont think he’s even real. I mean, he’s a ragdoll and they’re already different, but he’s like… SUPER different.

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