People who owned a hamster, how did it die?

People who owned a hamster, how did it die?

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  1. Accidentally left the cage open in the evening and found our cat in the night with his foot hanging out of her mouth. All our other hamsters died in peace of old age but this poor guy did not…

  2. it just collapsed and died and i found it lifeless the next morning. i can’t say that i was that touched by it tough. the bond and the interaction between a human and a hamster is super limited, basically non existent. i don’t think my hamster ever loved me in any shape form or fashion.

  3. had like 10-15 sold/traded 8 . 1 special one that was small but powerfull af died in his sleep , 2 got ate by their mother, 3 died from unknown reasons, another one died in their sleep so the other one died from loneliness

  4. My sister had one, and she kept him outside in the patio because he was messy. One night my sister came into my room asking if i could go with her to cover the cage with a blanket, you see my sister was little and the patio was dark so she was scared to go alone. Me, as the older brother I did what every good older sibling would do, I said: NO “it’s your hamster” and she should be brave to go and cover it. Next morning my sister finds the hamster dead frozen in the cage. She was devastated and I felt extremely guilty, that’s why i would always remember this story and the poor hamster.

  5. My brother had two. The first one got cancer on his paw and it swelled up to the size (and color)
    of a small grape. There was nothing we could do at that point. IIRC he passed away about a month or two later.

    The second straight up lost the will to live. Perfectly fine one day, dead the next.

    RIP Jefferson and Ron

  6. Starved or died of thirst, not sure. Parents got into another fight so Mom had to take us away from the house for about a week. Came back home and hamster was dead. I was very young and a lot was going on. Tried to cut off his leg for a lucky hamster foot, but my little pocket knife wasn’t the right tool for the job. I was very sad about him dying. Haven’t thought about it in years, now I am bummed about it again. I remember singing to him and playing keyboard going…”I love my hamster, my hamster is so cute…” RIP little guy.

  7. Old age. We found him in his favorite nesting spot, just curled up like he’d gone to sleep.

    Which was kind of a surprise considering how many times he’d escaped and gone missing for days at a time. You’d think he would have been stepped on or eaten by the dog, but no. He just went peacefully in the night on one of the occasions when he was actually in his cage.

  8. He existed in his tunnel, and I was deeply affected by him. I told him I missed him. My poor ____ Navio. He was the best kid I could have asked for.

  9. Somehow got into a jack o lantern candy bucket under the bed and couldn’t make it’s way out. Was my sister’s hamster, just went missing one day, only to be found when we were moving houses like two years later

  10. My cousin put it in the microwave; She hated it so whenever she came to our house she tried to torture it. One time, she set the microwave to high, and slammed it in there. The hamster cooked in seconds, with its fur being burnt and it smelling terrible. It dropped on the floor, after she forced the microwave open so she could show me it. I never saw her for another 6 years after that.

  11. Not a hamster and not mine but close enough.

    I accidentally snuffed my niece’s guinea pig.

    My niece had apparently had her guinea pigs out on a blanket with her and her chihuahua mix attacked it. No one else noticed and she didn’t tell anyone, just put both pigs back in their cage. Well, the next day she came to her mom with the pig, crying about how it’s not eating. Thing was in bad shape. Broken spine I’m pretty sure.

    Assuming it hadn’t drank anything in at least a day and wondering if it was even possible to wean the thing back to life, I tried giving it some water. It wasn’t lapping at anything, so I got a sandwich bag and put some water in it and put a small hole in the corner and dripped it into its mouth. That seemed to work, though slowly.

    After a couple minutes of putting drops of water in its mouth it made some gurgling noises and died. Apparently it wasn’t swallowing… it drowned.

    On a positive note, I hear the last moments of drowning are actually pretty euphoric.. so..

  12. I’m not sure. But I’m guessing my voracious hunter cat. I was like 7, and it was my mother’s class pet and it was brought home for the summer and we found it torn out of its cage and nothing but fur and blood remaining.

    Two birds, a turtle, and three fish suffered the same fate to the black cat.

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