People who sleep naked, why and how do you sleep naked?

People who sleep naked, why and how do you sleep naked?

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  1. Its really the only comfortable way for me to sleep, clothes are way to constricting on my body when im up and about as it is. Not trying to deal with that in my sleep.

  2. Why? I overheat easily, so pyjamas are a no go. Also good for middle of the night can’t sleep sex.

    How? I get out of the shower and get straight into bed…

  3. Why? Because I hate the feeling of fabric wrinkled around my skin. I can tolerate the bed sheets and the blanket covers, barely, but clothes or pajamas, no.

    How? Very peacefully and comfortably, thank you

  4. When you’re in an environment where being naked is a possibility then why the hell wouldn’t you? Clothes are for warmth and protection. My bed is warm and we all know the monsters can’t get me there.

  5. Got into the habit after my first time having satin sheets. The feeling of being caressed while you drift off to sleep… ANYWAY.

    Never looked back after that. Feels more comfortable, and rather than having to wash more clothes from sleeping in them, I just wash my linens more often which is not a bad thing.

  6. I toss and turn trying to get comfortable too much to sleep with clothes. They get all twisted and bunched up and it’s miserable. Sleeping naked is also good for vaginal health.

  7. Clothes touch me in a way that is a sensory nightmare. I’m a ridiculously light sleeper and something as dumb as my shorts riding up will wake me from a dead sleep and have me grouchy and unable to fall back asleep.

  8. Why because when I was young it kept my mom from just busting into my room and I decided it was way more comfortable so I continue and how it’s easy just take all your clothes off lmao.

  9. It’s just so much more comfortable. I’ve been doing it for at least 10 years. No getting tangled in sheets with pjs or t shirts or anything, just freer to move around in bed.

  10. I started to sleep without pants at about 9 years old. Short time later it was summer so i sleept fullnude. My mom had seen it often and she never said something about.

    Then i left for army service and then to work abroad for several years.

    Back in Switzerland i had my own flat and lived alone. When i meet my girlfriend which is my loved wife now, she sleept one nigth in my bed with bra and panty.

    Next nigth and since then for more then 30 years we sleep both fullnude. Even with kids we never changed that. The kids rigth out of the pampers sleept aswell fullnude while living with us.

    Its a good and healthy way and as long we change the sheets often there is no question about hygenia and safety.

    If we need to leave the flat in case of emergency there are cloths rigth near the door.

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