People who took the risk and followed their dreams, how’d it go?

People who took the risk and followed their dreams, how’d it go?

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  1. I’m more an “enjoy the journey” kind of person than I am a “destination” one…so for me it’s going pretty great.

    Still enjoying the journey and seeing how my dreams change over time.

  2. My dream was to work in digital video productions I didn’t care if I was doing commercials or Motion Pictures. It took me about 13 years to land a job where I was doing some video production work as well as sales which I had been pretty much doing up until that point so I had become pretty darn good at selling. But as I got older I also realized that I didn’t want a job that I was super stressed out about all the time and constantly trying to make more money. So after 9 months in that job that took me 13 years to find, I realized that I would be much happier elsewhere. Today I have a job that I absolutely love and some relatively large plans for the future.

  3. I have my ideas and dreams,…some written down, but no capital.
    I live the life of a robot, work all day just to make enough to do it again next month 🙃
    Every time I have tried I run out of money or family time.

  4. Practically lived out of my car for a bit and moved more than a dozen times a few years and not even at a profit while working as much as I could. It all came crashing down and I had to find a new career. Many years of depression and anxiety. Finally just starting to get my life back in order again.

    I’d recommend it. Because what else are you going to do if you know what your dreams are?

  5. Was told to go to college my entire life. Even have a college fund that was made for me as a kid. In my last year of high school, after struggling throughout my entire education to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, I decided college wasn’t for me and stayed behind in my hometown while all my friends went to college.

    For a couple of months I worked retail for $13/hr and tried to save as much money as possible to travel the country and eventually world, until I saw a tiktok video (of all things) talking about seasonal work at National Parks.

    Ever since I was a little kid I’ve loved the outdoors and enjoyed every second of the road trips me and my family would take during the summer time to different states in different national parks. It was all so amazing to me and addicting, and one of the only places I could feel alive and free.

    So I took a chance and convinced my partner to apply to a National Park gift shop position with me in a state I’ve never been to, and we were interviewed and accepted! I feel like I’m finally about to live the life younger me craved, and I’ve never felt more free.

  6. I feel great about the work Im doing. I love everything I do and I’m incredibly proud of the work I do and the place I work for. But the down side is that I make significantly less money than my friends and partner. I mean, significantly (environmental non-profit pay)… it sucks to not be able to afford cute clothes and travel like the others but least my heart is fulfilled and I know I’m helping the earth right??

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