People who trust Joe Rogan over the CDC about covid, why?

People who trust Joe Rogan over the CDC about covid, why?

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  1. In the future, ask why they believe joe rogan over the overwhelming majority of immunologists, virologists, and other medical professionals.

    They’re mostly tin foil hat wearing people who believe “critical thinking” is the same as being contrarian.

  2. Who are you going to trust: doctors and researchers who’ve spent all their lives studying these issues, or a man who first hosted the Ultimate Fighter and Fear Factor? Come on now, one of these is clearly more qualified than the other.

  3. So, we’re all going to on a flight. Guess what, I read that most pilots were in the USAF, a government agency who has lied to all multiple times. And, my brother’s friend said there was a site I could go to to learn how to do it. So, I read about it online and did all my research. Who wants to fly with me?

    *** Edit: As silly as it sounds, it’s EXACTLY the same argument…just saying

  4. The CDC has lied to me many times.

    It’s not so much that I trust Rogan over the CDC, it’s just that I don’t trust the CDC at all (and no sane rational person does)

  5. Because Joe Rogan has no reason to lie to us

    Edit: calm down people it’s not that serious, I’ve listened to maybe 2 Rogan podcasts total. And I did follow CDC recommendations in the beginning, until they said masks were not needed if vaccinated then reversed on that and recommended masks+vaccine+booster. I got the vaccine so I didn’t have to wear a mask everywhere. They will never take the risk of saying masks aren’t needed anymore

  6. I’m vaccinated, but what’s the point? You can still catch covid and you can still spread it. There is no immunity with the vaccine. You just decrease your chance of dying.

  7. I’m vaccinated, but I agree with Rogan that there’s some fuckery going on with the CDC. Okay, that’s not even true, I Agree with actual doctors that Rogan has interviewed like Peter Corry that something is not right.

    Rogan himself is just a good interviewer who happens to be interested in a lot of things and has enough fame to get people to talk to him. If he says something scientific, he probably learned it from an earlier episode of his podcast, so go back and listen to that to see if you agree.

  8. I haven’t followed the “controversy”, but if you mean the “horse medicine” thing, there is a human dosage and doctors have been prescribing it for quite some time.

  9. The CDC is a political organization funded in large part by pharmaceutical interests. Even at their best, the “science” they rely so heavily upon is based on erroneous assumptions at a foundational level, and in reality is tainted by conflicting interest at every possible stage.

    Further, “public health” is ONLY looking at the population level. They see people as groups—as numbers—not as individuals. What may be terrible for an individual, may be good for the “group.” The CDC has NO mechanism to support the individual or to discriminate the individual from the group.

    I would trust my cat to give better advice than the CDC.

  10. Sadly, they likely listen more to Joe Rogan about a lot of things in their life, than the experts around them. I wonder if maybe Joe Rogan might be more trusted by them because he’s closer to them than actual family. I knew someone who had to hear Limbaugh every day or he got upset and angry. It was almost like a daily meditation (yeah, odd, I know).

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