People who vandalize gas pumps by affixing those Biden “I did that” stickers on them, what specifically is one policy or action that he did to contribute to inflation happening the moment he took office?

People who vandalize gas pumps by affixing those Biden “I did that” stickers on them, what specifically is one policy or action that he did to contribute to inflation happening the moment he took office?

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  1. So for guano and grins, I looked up how much these stickers cost.

    About 10 bucks for 100 plus shipping. I can just about guarantee that the “let’s go Brandon” folks will never, ever go through 100 of these things. They might stick 1 or 2 on a pump.

    Which means that they bought 98-ish useless stickers.

    Which means that they’re suckers. And that’s not at all surprising.

  2. They erroneously think that the keystone pipeline is the big problem reality is that ramped production ( with emviornmental pitfalls) and widespread renewables years out and expensive.

    Biden missed a golden opportunity to slow demand bu encouraging remote work in fact he went wrong way in state of union capitulting to ViRtuAl BaD extremism. He correctly called out big oil profiteering then flubbed by pushing higher gas prices as humantarian duty to ukraine. Nonsensical propaganda one might expect from Putin or Kim Jong Un

    Part of leadership is persuading others to go along with (purported) mission. That could be horse trading, carrot, stick and or the bully pulpit. Its not happening foreign governments, oil companies, and even obstructuons within his own party are boldly going 🖕to this Admin without fear of comsequences

  3. Joe Biden settles into the leather recliner of the Oval Office, letting a deep and troubled sigh rasp from his lips.

    He runs a hand through his thinning hair, staring blankly at the two buttons before him on the desk. The left one is blue, and it reads “lower gas prices.” The right one is red, and its worn label reads “raise gas prices.”

    His hand vacillates for a moment, traitorously creeping towards the blue.

    But Biden’s resolve is strong, and his will, immutable.

    He swallows his doubt and presses the red button. He writhes in delight as the sensation washes through him… power growing with each pump siphoned. A moan escapes his lips as he’s racked with wave after wave of unholy, fossil-fuel power… gas forms on his skin like dew on morning’s grass. It drips from his forehead, trickles from his ears, slicks his hair wet until it shines with combustive potential….

    Across America, consumers weep, for gas prices had raised another cent.

    Thus was as it simply had to be.

  4. I’m more socialist than anyone in federal government right now except AOC and Bernie. What you have to understand is in any organization the top leader is ultimately responsible for everything. Period. If a boss isn’t directly causing the problem then they are seen as doing nothing to fix the problem. Responsibilities are the weights they bare for being in charge. That’s why every president goes grey in office and ages terribly.

  5. Mostly just people listening to Fox news lol, most specifically the Keystone XL narrative even though the pipeline wouldn’t have been complete for years and a lot of the gas that would reach is through the pipeline already reaches us through other pipelines and rail (so basically, they exaggerate the pipelines impact). Gas prices were already trending up before Biden entered office

    Also, Biden has approved of plenty of drilling permits. The oil and gas industry is sitting on over 9,000 approved but unused drilling permits on federal and tribal land

  6. Never placed a sticker but Biden placed significant regulatory hurdles on oil and gas production which had the immediate impact of reducing supply stating in about April and continued throughout his first year of office.

    This can be found and proven easily by going to EIA which is a regularly cited and respected publication by both parties. I’ve posted a link.

    When you cut supply and halt new production (according to oil industry executives they had planned to expand Even more in 2020 and you can see those plans taking effect in January and February of 2020 before Biden curtailed these efforts.) the supply is down demand went up therefore prices go up.

    This isn’t rocket science – Biden campaigned on less oil production as part of his green agenda and he delivered.

    Oil is MAJOR component of overall prices thus a big issue in overall inflation as well.

    BTW Biden almost doubled Russian oil imports to the US during 2020 and still exempts energy expenditures from sanctions…. The treasury department admitted this last Friday.

    Blame Fox blame whoever but Americans Can remember more than a couple of weeks … gas prices were a huge problem long before this war started

    Please stop trying to re-write history. It was bad policy

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