people who were targets of public/youtube pranks what happened and how did you feel about it?

people who were targets of public/youtube pranks what happened and how did you feel about it?

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  1. I think pranks are the lowest form of comedy. What happened? I ran a 12 mile race, and was doused in cold water at the start. It was an ice bath, literally. I hated it. And then I had to run the race in cold, wet clothing. I don’t mind getting dirty, I don’t mind weather, that is part of the game. That I expect. But it was a series of pranks, and I was disgusted at the end. Quit obstacle racing, and will only do trails.

  2. Ooh this happened to me!

    I was in a viral YouTube prank video when I was like 16. I was on a nearby college campus and a guy told me I had a bug in my hair. He filmed me trying to get it off and turning around a couple times to try and look at my clothes. He did tell me afterward that it was a prank for a YouTube video. I don’t remember if he specifically asked me if it was ok to post, but I didn’t really care either way.

    I didn’t think about it until 2 years later, when one of my friends at college watched the video. It turned out the guy was a minor YouTube celebrity, and his channel was all pranks like this. He had about 10 million followers at his peak (he’s no longer active and I just looked, but the video I was in was deleted). I don’t know exactly how many views the video got, but enough that a couple people I knew not from my home town (the guy was local) found it independently over the years.

    It was such a harmless, even wholesome prank that I couldn’t really get upset about it, but I never personally thought the video was funny. It was definitely little kid humor and looking back now I’m sure a lot of the audience were children. My name wasn’t on it so it didn’t hurt me in any way. I did use to go back and read the comments once in a while and there were some saying I was hot so that was flattering. Mostly it was just a fun fact I would think about every couple of years and laugh off.

  3. This wasn’t put online thankfully, but it happened at a summer camp back when I was in Jr. High
    Everyone’s in the cafeteria for orientation and they say we’re gonna play a game. Pull three people from the audience, and take them outside. I’m one of the lucky chosen ones. After a minute, they come take one person back in side. Then you hear everyone yell, “COW! COW! COW!”
    They take the next person and the same thing happens, you hear everyone yell “COW!” three times.
    Then it’s my turn. They bring me on stage, and say, “Okay we’re having a contest between the three of you to see if one of you can yell cow louder than the audience. They weren’t able to, so if you can do it you win. On three, okay? COW! COW!” *silence*
    All by myself I yell , “COoowwwman…” in front of a couple hundred other kids.
    The rest of the week people yelled cow at me. Fun times.

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