People whose parents didn’t allow them to watch TV growing up, how are you doing?

People whose parents didn’t allow them to watch TV growing up, how are you doing?

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  1. It wasn’t that TV was unallowed, but unavailable. We had a TV with vcr, so we could watch movies, but the antenna broke or something when I was 2 and my mom just decided it didn’t need to be fixed. Things stayed that way until I after I moved out.
    How am I? Really not great, but it’s nothing to do with TV.

  2. Could never understand how my peers could sit through all those ads! Fortunately the Internet arrived and I could watch all the things ad-free! Granted I tend to binge a bit more than I should, but I do the same when reading a good book.

  3. Absolutely fine.
    In my 30’s and still don’t have a TV.

    I have a projector and in the evenings either watch a movie, or stream a documentary or Netflix episode, and that’s good for me.

    I don’t understand how TV-owners put up with all the ads, majority trash tv, and having to schedule your life around when your programs are playing. And why people pay for that ‘privilege’ too. I’ve never felt like I was missing out by not having a TV.

  4. Doing fine. If I had to think about it, the biggest impact no tv had on me is that tv shows just don’t really hold much of an appeal for me. Definitely more of a movie guy.

    The pacing of most of the popular shows seems so slow and I really hate the cliffhanger ending trope so many of them rely on. I much prefer a solid 2 hr story that ends and then it’s over. Not sure if that’s directly related to how I was raised but who really knows…

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