People who’ve quit a job on the first day; what’s your story?

People who’ve quit a job on the first day; what’s your story?

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  1. Electrician.

    Got to work. They told me to work on a line hot. I asked what voltage, they said 120/240V.

    It looked fishy, took my multimetre to it, got yelled at while doing it “I told you the voltage, ytf do you need to check?!”

    600V to ground. “That’s why I needed to check.”

    I walked out. They got an illegal Colombian to do it afterward.

  2. Was working at a fast food restaurant, I won’t say the name, was put on register with no training, was told to work an 8 hour shift, and wasn’t allowed to eat, have a break, or even go to the bathroom. Just never went back. A month later it closed because the manager was arrested for stealing a whole lot of money.

  3. Twice I’ve done this.

    First? I listened to what a boss had to say and realized it wouldn’t work. I was 16 at the time.

    Second? I had accepted a job in one place, turned down another and at the request of the recruiter I went for a day to save face for the recruiter. When they scheduled me for a class that they could charge for? I drew the line. I explained this to the boss, he understood.

  4. Got a job at a big store where employees dress in blue, rhymes with ball cart.

    Instead of doing the HR videos and training, the hiring manager just said something like “sorry, we’re really slammed today, we’ll handle this later, just get out there.” And that was it.

    Now you might be asking yourself “get out there? Where is there?” Or maybe that’s just what I was asking myself because this mysterious store (Tall Fart?) is about the size of a city block. I went to ask her where to stand and what I would be doing and she wasn’t there. I went out to the first department from the back (electronics) found someone working and said I was new and what I was supposed to be doing and the guy told me he didn’t know, but he knew electronics wasn’t expecting anyone new.

    So I walked around to see if anyone needed help and nobody said they did. Then I just kinda waited in the back to see if anyone would tell me where I was supposed to go and nobody did so I clocked out and went home and didn’t come back. I kept waiting to get a phone call to say I was fired but I never did. They mailed me a paycheck for a few hours work so that was nice.

    So technically I still work there.

    I would have been more broken up about the whole thing if I didn’t spray my application out to like 50 places when I needed a job. I had like 3 other interviews that week and it was a good thing I never canceled them.

  5. Downtown sushi establishment.

    * No parking. Meter parking or structure parking or get lucky. They told me about this 1 free parking spot on the sidewalk maybe like 3 blocks away but i’d have to get lucky for it to be open.
    * In addition to no parking my hours were something like 9am~1pm then go home for 2 or 3 hours and return for 5pm ~ 9pm or so. What in the actual fuck? Apparently people accept jobs like these.
    * The establishment was a “no – tip” restaurant. Customer didn’t need to tip so we got no tip.

  6. When I was temping, I had a 12 hour shift at a dog food factory, it was hot and loud and it smelled like shit and nobody told me what to do and then they yelled at me for not knowing what I was supposed to do so I just swept the floor for six hours and called in sick the next day.

  7. Found out there was several union grievances filed against me on my first day. Come to find out the hiring manager didn’t like women so he purposely skirted the rules to declare all of the qualified internal candidates (who were women) “unfit for the position” and hired an external candidate (me a male). Also found out the job was not as advertised and instead of being a technical job I was going to be doing general clerical work until a technical issue came up and then it would be my job to call the IT department. Called the manager’s lies out in front of his team and walked out.

  8. Went to do a day at this place that called colleges to get them to have NVQ training schemes.

    I walked in there was about 12 women all different age and just 1 guy who for all purposes looked like he wanted to kill himself.

    He locked onto me and it was clear not many men worked there ALL the women just wanted to know stuff about me and my future wife. Like getting really personal and bitchy.

    One of them asked some question about our sex life and I said “Isn’t that a bit forward to ask a guy you’ve known 10 minutes?” And they all just got really cold with me.

    The guy said “Ohh you don’t want to upset the sisters” and I was like fuck this shit. I could tell the manager had asked them all how I was even though I did well I could tell she wasn’t going to ask me back so got in there 1st and said I won’t be coming back. And they all got offended that I did want to work at this fucking hen house for £60 a day.

  9. Door to door salesperson or whatever you want to call it. I have no memory of applying for it but went to the interview where they showed the interview and gave me a job. The manager said charities will go to them, give them an amount and ask them to go door to door and ask people to donate money to the charity. As soon as they raised quite a bit more, they’d give the charity the money they asked for and keep the rest (charity gives company £500, asks for £1k, company makes £2.5k, company send £1k back to charity and keeps the rest). They said the best way to do it is to guilt trip the elderly and either make drunk students think more booze will be involved or they’ll get freebies. I noped out of that

  10. They told me there was no rotating shifts. The only shift for that position was early-as-fuck-in-the-morning o’clock, and I’m a night owl. I can do early shifts, but not permanently. And if It is an early shift, I need to be consistently busy so the day goes by.

    I barely got through the day because there was A LOT of standing around and I was so tired. Finished my shift, then told the bosses it wasn’t a good fit for me.

  11. Boss wanted me to sign a completely insane non-compete contract. Contract amounted to agreeing to not work for any company in my field for 10 years.

    I was 18 and didn’t know how comically unenforceable it was, but I legality aside, I couldn’t in good faith sign something that I couldn’t abide to.

    Asked if he could limit the scope. He said sign it or leave. I left.

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