People with ADHD, what do you do to stay focused on multiple things at a time?

People with ADHD, what do you do to stay focused on multiple things at a time?

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  1. I don’t. I take the mantra of “never half ass two things, whole ass one thing” quite literally. Hyperfocus(a symptom of ADHD) is key here. It’s all about mentally weighing which task holds most importance at that time then finishing the most important task first

  2. I’m unmedicated so I have to try really hard. Lots of lists, an app in my phone for scheduling, a calendar I write on, journals with to do lists, white boards, I have to plan my day down to the minute if I really need to get things done. Including the simplest parts of the day.

  3. Alarms to set time periods for each task. Keeps me focused for set periods of time.

    Speaking of time, I also stick to a task for short periods; break jobs that require a large clump of time down into smaller, manageable chunks.

  4. Run a school kitchen, working about 12 hour days so for about 10 hours a day I listen to podcasts. And avoid going through doorways.

  5. I don’t typically try to multitask or else things go badly. I do timed “sessions” for most of my hobbies/ work tasks so that I can move from thing to thing without having to think too hard about it.

  6. Focus on whichever one has the strongest hold on my attention, the randomly bounce between the tasks hoping I’ll latch onto one of them long enough to get it done.

  7. I take Vyvanse as prescribed by a doctor, it’s one of the only ADHD medicine that makes me keep my shit together through a full workday.

    If I forget it, I just tend to forget stuff if I fail to set constant reminders and alarms via my email /phone to keep on track.

  8. Well right now I’m medicated so it’s helping me maintain my focus a lot, but previously I’d maintain a steady routine, it was basically the only way to keep myself focused.

  9. Usually eliminating distractions, mainly sounds. Say I want to clean up my room but lose focus and will start fiddling around with things, I will turn on some music and for each song, will do a certain task. the first song is tidying up the desk, the next is wiping down the surfaces.. Each song is a task in itself, but without a plan really, just doing them as they come.

    Doesn’t work everywhere though. Usually I simply do 1 task at a time. It will take longer, but at least I won’t fuck up as often

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