Pet owners of Reddit: What is your pet’s actual name, what is their nickname, and what do you actually call them?

Pet owners of Reddit: What is your pet’s actual name, what is their nickname, and what do you actually call them?

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  1. He passed recently but I want to share how I loved him in any way I can.

    Miles is his actual name.

    “House Mouse” was his nickname coined by my wife, because he like a mouse was open to eating practically *anything*.

    I actually called Miles my “good boi”, as I shared just a tiny taste of my beer with him and petted him. I do so dearly miss that sweet, gentle soul.

  2. Name: Ruby

    Nickname: Ruby Cat

    Actually call her: *deep breath* Ruby Boobies, fat rabbit, potato, fur-tato, baa baa fat sheep, corgi butt (she has no tail), and Hoover (because of how fast she eats).

    Edit: forgot to mention that this is an obese cat.

  3. ~Taz= tazboi, azzerwazzers, professor grandpa

    ~Mister= mitter (emphasis on hard ‘t’ sound), chonky, mr. bigglesworth

    ~Mickey= sweetface, bebeh, douche, miss mikmikmik

    They’re all cats and theyre assholes and i love them

  4. My black cat is a senior now and had his first EKG today (it went well!), but he has to lose a pound by his next visit. He is not happy.

    Actual name: Tonto

    Nickname: Tonty, Tontito, Tito

    What he’s actually called: Stink Face, Goon Face, The Boy, Nugget Man, Night Panther, Spooky Boy, Chonkasaurus

  5. Pet 1: Rabbit
    Actual: Ruby
    Nickname: Rubalee Boobaly, Rubes, Pretty Girl, Cob Loaf
    What I call her: a mix of the above

    Pet 2: Cat
    Actual: Margot
    Nickname: Magoo, Margs, Baby Margs, Sausage, Turdette
    What I call her: a mix of the above. When she’s naughty we call her Magoo, like a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide kinda thing.

  6. Cat owner here.

    Actual name: Madison

    My nickname for her: Kitty (I know, very original)

    My dad’s nickname for her: Cat (said in a scolding manner, because she most likely puked on the living room carpet)

  7. Jambalaya. Nickname: Jumbo. I call him Jumbo or little buddy.

    Philip J. Fry. Nickname: Fry guy. I call him Fry.

    Jericho. Nickname: Jeri cocoa. I call him both of those.

  8. I have two black sister void cats. One is 18th a the other is 9

    Actual: Gypsy

    Nicknames: Gyper, Gyperstina, Fat butt, Chunker, Chunker butt, Big Darkness

    Actual: Sage

    Nicknames: Say Say, Nama-say, Little Darkness, Sasuuu, Sweet girl, Sagey

  9. Back when I lived with my parents, they had this Shar-pei mix who was just an absolute sweetheart and loved anyone touching her. Like, to the point where whenever I came near, her first reaction was to roll over, tail smashing the floor, begging for belly rubs.

    Her real name was Jazz-maria, her nickname was Jazzie, and her regular name was Smelly-belly, because she had a smelly belly.

    Goodest girle ever, and I’ll fight anyone who disagrees.

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