Pet Owners of reddit, what’s the worst thing your pet has ever done?

Pet Owners of reddit, what’s the worst thing your pet has ever done?

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  1. My dog, then teething, chewed through and broke the beanbag chair he used to sleep on; which was filled with styrofoam pellets, each about 3mm dia.
    Tens of thousands of them.
    There is no effective way of picking them up due to their attraction to static and propensity to fly at the slightest change in the wind. The vacuum cleaner just pushed around more than it picked up. It took ~3 hours to clean up. We were finding pellets for years in random places.

    But the worst thing he did was to die of old age.
    Miss the mischievous bastard.

  2. Maybe not “worst” for me, but definitely for my mom.

    She pissed off the cat. Don’t know how, exactly, but it had something to do with kicking her out of the bedroom before bed because she hates animals sleeping on her bed or next to her, thinking they’re “on the same level” as her or whatever. Dunno.


    Apparently in the morning, she was running late for work. Rushed to put on her shoes and found vomit in one of them.

    Out of all her shoes, and of all the time in the day, the cat had decided to revenge-puke in the ones she wears to work almost every day…

    That girl was so damn intelligent; miss her. RIP, may you be revenge-puking in as many shoes as you like in heaven.

  3. My old golden ate the rose bush. The one with three-inch thorns. Somehow, he didn’t show the slightest signs of discomfort-guts of iron, I guess.

  4. As I lay down for a much needed nap the other day

    I hear a crash in the living room

    go out to check what fresh hell…

    my Calico had climbed a desk and knocked over a small shelf containing a case of small silver thumbtacks alllllllll over my living room

    I made it about 5 steps in before I realized I was surrounded by tacks.

  5. Definitely not the worst, but the most memorable. About 10 years ago, I filled a cup to the brim with fruit punch and walked away to put the bottle back into the fridge. When I turned back around I saw my blind cat standing on the dining room table feeling the cup with his paw, he winds up and swats it off the table. Got fruit punch everywhere.

  6. My old roommates’ cat peed on an electrical outlet. Almost started a fire (sparks & smoke were present) but thankfully my roommate saw her do it & yelled for me to cut the power, which I did. We had to put outlet covers on any outlet we were not using after that.

  7. Bit me in the face. I had to have sutures and the dog had to be quarantined for ten days. I was like nine years old. I hadn’t done anything to him, he just bit me. During those ten days my mom would make me go with her twice a day to visit him and glare daggers at me the entire time.

  8. We bought our first house and the first time we left our dog alone he ate through the trim surrounding all the doors, the drywall behind it, and almost through the exterior. Needless to say I wasn’t pleased

  9. My parrot has learnt to swear and will not stop. The weirdest thing is that i don’t even know how he learnt to swear. Maybe he overheard the neighbors or something.

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