Pro-life people of Reddit, how do you plan on helping all the neglected children that will be born?

Pro-life people of Reddit, how do you plan on helping all the neglected children that will be born?

What do you think?

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  1. Good question. Don’t forget the severely disabled or even palliative babies who will live short painful lives or require constant care for the rest of their natural lives.

  2. They’re not. Instead they’re gonna shame the people that had them for not keeping them, and those that do keep them will be shamed for being bad parents and be told they never should have had them to begin with.

    There’s no winning here.

    They’re not pro-life. They’re forced-birth.

  3. lol those mother fuckers didnt think this through. They don’t think anything through. The just assume everything will be perfect. Like that whole “don’t say gay” stuff. True, it didnt say gay. But it did use words and language that are only ever used when referencing non straight people. So, and I hate that I have to say this, we know what you really meant.

    But the idea of having parents being the ones to educate their children on sex and sexual orientation isn’t a bad one. Its just that it only exists in a perfect world. And last time I checked, we don’t live in one of those. It would be great if all kids could just go to their parents. But for various reasons, they can’t. Maybe they have homophobic parents? Maybe they just have parents who don’t give a shit about them at all, or are never home, etc. Maybe the kid is just desperate not to disappoint them and feels that coming out will do that. Any reason at all really.

    So the question then becomes who do we trust our kids with? The teachers? Or some randoms on the internet? Because thats going to end up being the choice. Teachers absolutely should be able to talk to children should one come forward and have questions. And if you trust this teacher to educate your kid, then surely you trust them with their wellbeing no matter what that looks like?

    This is the same thing with abortion. They assume that all the babies are born between a man and a woman in a relationship. They don’t consider or don’t care about rape. They don’t care or consider that there might be a problem with the baby. They don’t care and consider anything other than their way. Look no further than Brazil for what America will look like soon. An 11 year old girl raped. 11 years old and no real understanding of whats going on. Pregnant and her mother didnt notice until 22 weeks. 2 weeks after the cut off for pregnancy due to rape. Judge not only ordered that she should have the baby, but also took the girl into care to make sure she couldn’t get an abortion outside of Brazil. And remember, the US people supporting this don’t even want that rape window. Imagine the horror of finding out that your 11 year child was raped. And then further horror of find out she’s pregnant. Compounded by the even greater horror that not only will she not be allowed a termination but that her rapist will have parental rights!!!!

    America, what the fuck happened to you? You were supposed to lead the world forward, not drag it back into the dark ages. The US is now a place where miscarriage will be investigated as crime. Youre emails, your texts, your social media, will all be looked at with a close eye. This November is going to be really important for the US. You either make a stand here and draw a big fucking line in the sand. Or you accept this and decent further towards being a religious state. And what that looks like is a heavily armed Saudi Arabia pre 2019. IS that really what America wants to be? An abusive, religiously intolerant super power that the world eventually has to unite against and destroy? Because thats where this is all heading. Not now, not 5 years from now or maybe even 50 years from now. But at some point, the handmaids tale does a crossover with 1984. Thats Americas future if you all keep treating what happened this week like a death, and not a heart attack that needs CPR.

  4. Ask a pro-life question and pro-choice people answer..

    First of all, I think abortions are wrong, but I’m more libertarian in stance and don’t care what you choose to do. If I’m given a choice to choose between a pro-life or pro-choice policy, I’ll choose pro-life even though if I were in charge, I’d run things differently.

    Secondly, I work with a lot of foster kids. There are so many communities trying to help these unwanted kids. These kids are some of the most awesome kids around; they work hard, are earnest and resilient despite their rough start. It would break my heart to imagine them not here.

    So, to answer your question, the states that ban abortion will fund more systems to aid unwanted kids.

  5. The same thing we’ve been doing all along. Keep crisis pregnancy centers open, along with soup kitchens and homeless shelters. These are all places that people in bad situations can go for help.

    PS: We’re also the ones who donate to these places, so that they can afford to stay open.

  6. What I’ve always done: keep my moral stances to myself and vote for politicians who support healthcare for all, increasing the minimum wage, and improving workers’ rights like parental leave instead of for politicians who pretend to be pro-family when they’re really just pro-money.

    I’m pro-life and Christian, but a ton of “pro-life” people are really just anti-abortion and don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone who’s actually born; and a ton of “Christian” people are really just interested in power and control and have no idea who God is or what he actually wants.

  7. Ugh I’m so done with this topic… I’m in the UK and it’s everywhere and it’s not even regarding our own country 😑

    I thought about writing an algorithm (I code) where it will only deliver me positive news for a period of time and none of the ‘current thing’ toxic debates that rage on the internet from people that, let’s be honest, are probably missing some purpose in their life so feel the need to campaign on every current thing issue one way or the other…

    Maybe if it’s a success I turn it into a website and try to help other people tune into positive news that makes people feel good for once?

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