Pro-life people of Reddit, what is your personal plan to support or adopt the unwanted and neglected children being born now?

Pro-life people of Reddit, what is your personal plan to support or adopt the unwanted and neglected children being born now?

What do you think?

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  1. ((Not pro-life of course))

    To sit around smugly thinking they’ve done the “right thing” while simultaneously muttering about “welfare queens” and “if you can’t feed ‘em, don’t breed ‘em”


  2. I accept that my taxes may be increased so the state may support the new life in the most dignified and loving way possible. I see no better use of my taxes than helping new born babies, so deserving of life and happiness. If God helps me, I’ll be happy to bring one into my home.

  3. There are a lot of good points to be made about whether there is adequate infrastructure for adoption and foster care. I am not up to date on those points, I do not have an informed opinion on this, and I do not call myself pro-life.

    But I do think it’s an unfair question. I am against euthanizing children with disabilities, but I do not have a plan to personally provide the medical care they need. Can I be against the euthanasia, pro medical care, but not necessarily dedicating my life to it? I think I am entitled to that opinion and I think a lot of reasonable people share it. And I think we’re entitled to have that opinion without a question like this being thrown in my face.

  4. This question is the same straw man argument the people who want to kill generations of babies use.

    How about we see to it that they have a life before we worry about the quality of that life. I have a real hard time accepting the idea that murder is the best solution to this problem.

    If you’re walking down the street and you see a poor child bleeding out in the gutter, do you kill him because there might be a chance he’ll have a tough life?

  5. Death penalty opponents of Reddit: what’s your plan to break into the prison cells of convicted murderers and strangle them with your bare hands? (What, you’re the only one allowed to ask non-sequitur riddles?)

    Vegetarians: what’s your plan for killing all the surplus cows?

  6. This is so idiotic. It’s like asking pro climate people how they plan to transport millions of tons of goods and millions and millions of people after you ban all fossil fuels.

  7. There way more couples waitlisted to adopt than there are abortions.

    And anyways, this ridiculous argument is similar to saying “You don’t mind if I kill my puppy, right? Unless, that is, *you* want to take care of it. No? Okay then, don’t complain.”

  8. I’ve trapped millions of women in poverty, creating poor children who are desperate enough to work shitty jobs or join the military. My work here is done.

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