Pro-lifers who are also pro guns: Why do you think abortion bans will work but gun bans won’t?

Pro-lifers who are also pro guns: Why do you think abortion bans will work but gun bans won’t?

What do you think?

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  1. Because they want people who break the law by obtaining an abortion to go to jail.

    They want people who break the law by obtaining guns to get an award.

  2. I bet they pretend they didn’t see this cuz they don’t have an answer.

    But we all know they saw it. Not like they’re doing anything else with their time.

  3. I’m pro-abortion but the argument is that it’s harder to go get all the guns off the streets and out of the homes then it is to prevent future abortions from taking place.

    That’s true to a degree; it’s a hell of a lot easier to find someone to sell you a gun at 11:00 PM in a WalMart parking lot than it is to find someone to induce an abortion for you.

    “Illegal abortions” will continue to happen at some rate though.

  4. Abortion bans won’t work either, because people will get illegal abortions.

    Here’s the thing, I’m not 100% against abortion…until the baby has a heartbeat.

    As for guns, I’m entirely in favor of anyone who wants a gun, having a gun, for self-defense. There’s a huge problem nowadays where many people who anti-gun think that pro gun = pro school shooting, pro dead children, etc…thats just not true. NONE OF US want dead kids (or for anyone to be shot dead, for that matter).

  5. 2A means protection from the government Gun laws are created by that same government
    See the dichotomy ?
    Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness
    Life / self defense

  6. It’s basic Deontology. The concept is based in the intention of the action, not the consequences that the actions bring.

    There is no easily definable “ill intention” in selling a gun to an individual, because the gun could be used for self-defense, or for recreational shooting etc. Of course, the consequence is that people get shot, but “shooting people is already illegal”.

    of course, Abortion is an easily definable “ill intention”. You have the “ill intention” of “murdering a child”.

  7. Pro-life: Everyone has the right to life, we may not know when they stop being nothing and become a person in training, but we know that at some point they will be a person.

    Pro-guns: Whether or not it is a constitutional right, guns allow good people to defend their property and assets, and it is illogical to be against guns because criminals don’t obey laws, so create laws Banning guns would only prevent good people from having them while the bad guys would remain armed.

  8. Because every abortion means a life lost. Very few guns ever cause deaths. It’s not about if it’ll work or not- should we allow rape because people rape regardless?

  9. All Democrat long term run cities have very restrictive gun controls and insane amounts of shooting in almost all of them.

    The two don’t correlate.

    I’m prochoice but it isn’t a valid question.

    If guns were banned the guns coming through the border(s) would be cataclysmic compared to any other crime statistic in no time.

  10. I’m pro-choice so I can’t say much but I guess it just depends on the desperation of a person. Is a women who doesn’t want to become a parent more determined to break the law then someone who wants to cause a mass shooting? I think there should be stricter gun laws but someone who wants to kill people isn’t going to stop because it’s against the law to get a gun. I don’t know how much statistics we have for unsafe abortions considering some states would prosecute the women and the person who offered the abortion.

  11. I am not trying to delude the travesty that is mass shooters but we have probably over 300 million guns in this country, and mass shootings are not all that common

  12. That’s a pretty nonsensical analogy.

    One is protected by the constitution. Plus a woman can’t shoot her baby at you if you tell her she can’t abort it.

  13. Who said they wanted abortion bans or that they think gun bans don’t work. Your attempt to tease out hypocrisy is based on an assumption that human behavior is as simple as 1+1=2. It is NOT. The preconditions that you have as to who is and isn’t something are based on your own, possible, misconceptions of what others should and should not believe. Theses are, as every psychologist can tell you, not absolutes in any way.

    So you’ve just created a post that’s trying to tease out hypocrisy but really just displays the continual devolvement in to absolutism and authoritarianism that Redditors have straight up embraced with gusto.

  14. Abortions have only one goal/purpose; that is, to facilitate parents in murdering their children.

    Guns facilitate multiple goals/purposes; that is, to murder but also to protect, to hunt for food, and for recreation.

    Abortion is murder 100% of the time. Owning a gun does not result in 100% of gun owners committing murder — the statistic is significantly lower than that. I imagine a relatively small percentage of gun owners are murderers and therefor own guns for a different purpose. But 100% of people who have abortions will murder their child.

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